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10 Best Indoor Plants for Your Kitchen

There are so many types of indoor plants available on the market today, finding the best for your kitchen may seem like a very difficult task. This is especially so if you recently bought your own kitchen and are still trying to find the best lighting fixtures to prepare so you can prepare meals. The truth is that finding the right plant won’t be difficult if you know what you need, and once you’ve established a few good ideas, it will become even easier.

Philodendron is a fast growing plant with heart-shaped leaves that look great like a green waterfall on a table.
A great starter plant, pothos are also low-maintenance plants that grow long like tendrils and receive low to bright indirect light.
If you are looking for a plant that can grow in your area, fig leaves are the way to go. It likes bright, indirect light and gathers wherever the sun is.
ZZ is the tried and true army of indoor plants. The thick, waxy leaves rarely shrivel or change color, and only need water every three to four weeks.
Calathea is one of the most varied and beautiful indoor plants, with leaves ranging from round to snake-like and variegated patterns.
Another low-light and pet-friendly plant, the Maranta Red Prayer Plant has leaves that look as if they’re painted.
The long leaves give the spider plant its name. With only low or moderate light needed, these plants are known to be nearly impossible to turn off.
This fun anthurium grows pink flowers that are actually bright colored leaves. It likes bright, indirect light and a little moisture to keep it happy all year round.
The money tree is an easy-to-live, low-maintenance indoor plant. Let the soil dry before watering every one to two weeks.
Perfect for window sill or bright light areas and for people who don’t have time for regular watering, cacti are the easiest element of the greenery money can buy.

Some need more sun than others and some need more water than others. The above are some of the best indoor plants for your kitchen.