15 Beautiful Small Backyard Pond Ideas

Many gardeners don’t realize the beauty of having a small backyard pond, and these same people can be quite intimidated at the prospect of creating one. It’s easier than you think to make a small backyard pond, and you will be able to enjoy it even more than if you had an elaborate water feature in your yard. Whether you choose to use a small preformed pond or create your own custom design, there are some simple, small backyard pond ideas that you should know about before you get started. By following these ideas, you will be able to ensure that you create the most beautiful pond possible, no matter what kind you decide to have.

Ferns and cute puppies decorate the little pond that sits in the corner of this courtyard.
A small pond made of red flagstones is piled up and surrounded by lush vegetation. A very comfortable place for someone who is looking for a bit of free time from the busy life.
Two-part small pond with a waterfall in between. Both sections have small umbrella fountains. The entire pool is lined with piles of stones which help hide the black liner.
At the head of the pond is a small waterfall. Daylilies and other leafy plants surround part of the pond. Metal crane statue standing in shallow water.
A shallow pond filled with terraced fountains tucked into the edge of a rock. A narrow stone walkway connects the two sides of the path.
A garden pond that looks like a well with a small waterfall that flows into a deeper water well. Thick grass covered the edge of the rock.
A simple garden pond in bright blue color with a high central fountain. Small enough to fit well in small sections of larger gardens, and as feature sections in smaller gardens.
The small backyard pond, surrounded by ragged rocks, is a great place for kids to have fun.
This rectangular pond is big enough for some plants and fish and is surrounded by pavers so you can set up an outdoor seating area to sit and watch the fish.
This beautiful oval shaped pond is surrounded by different shaped rocks and beautiful purple irises.
Beautiful flat rocks are placed around the edge of the pond with some overhanging rocks providing shade for the fish and a place to hide from predators.
The small pond is lined with gravel and gently sloping edges, making it ideal for visiting wildlife such as frogs, lizards and birds to enter and exit the pond.
This small hexagonal pond is nestled between a wooden deck and a beautifully manicured green lawn.
This lovely pond is edged with stacked rocks and has a beautiful yellow iris planted in the center.
A poolless waterfall made of flat, stacked rocks is a great alternative to a pond for a small backyard.

If you have extra space in your backyard and you want to add a little peace and quiet, one of the best things you can do is build some small ponds in your backyard. For this project to be successful, you need to follow some important guidelines so that you can save your small backyard pool idea and things will go well.