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Tips How to Apply Colorful Decoration for A Small Bedroom

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t play any color in your room. That doesn’t mean, you can use one color for your bedroom interior design. Surely, you can apply colorful decorations to your small bedroom. But before you decide to apply this idea in your bedroom, better for you to know some tips to apply colorful decoration for a small bedroom. For more information, please kindly read some tips below.

Pick a Cheerful Palette

The first important thing that you have to consider when applying any color for your small bedroom decor, you have to choose a cheerful palette. Maybe you think that a small bedroom has to mean a palette of white or washed-out neutrals? Not for now. When used correctly, cheerful color can open up your small bedroom by creating a focal point to attract the eye and distracting from the small size. You can choose a color combination like yellow, orange, lime for a cheerful bedroom that feels larger than it is.


When you choose pastel wall paints, the interior idea that you should wear is colorful patterns that give your bedroom a more lively atmosphere. You can try patterned bedding and pillowcases with these colorful colors easily, red is the dominant color that stands out and attracts the attention of everyone who sees it. Provide enough lighting so that the room is brighter and more energetic. Colorful patterned bedding from thespruce.



If you want to decorate your small bedroom with something simple and that is sure to be attractive, you can try several different color combinations in your bedding, sofa, and window blinds. Choose some striking colors with the color of the walls of your room. Floral bedding, striped sofa, and plaid curtains will never fail when decorating a bedroom with a different look. The splash of pink makes your bedroom more feminine. Different color and patterned combinations from thespruce.

Decorate It with a Bright Accent

If your small bedroom is using a pastel color, you can bring a bright accent to it. For example, the splashes of red, orange, yellow, or another bright accent will liven up your small bedroom. You can apply this idea to the bedding, pillow cushion, or curtain.


Add a bold color to the bedroom decor and by using the boho carpet which is dominated by red. You can use it beside the bed as comfortable and warm footwear. This transparent glass window provides space to enter free sunlight into the room so that it helps keep the room from being humid. Boho carpet with dominant red color from digsdigs.


Your small bedroom looks more spacious if you use a plain white wall color. However, it will be even more interesting if you add another color to the interior. For example, by using a brown curtain that you use on the high window of the room. This brown color will be more natural when combined with the surrounding greenery. Brown curtain with greenery around it from digsdigs.


Here you can also use bedding in bright colors to build an uplifting impression when you wake up. Apply orange color to bedding with soft cotton. Patterned pillowcases give the room a busier and more elegant feel. This bedroom is usually used for minimalist modern home decoration. Orange bedding with a patterned pillowcase from digsdigs.

Give a Colorful Pattern

It doesn’t matter if you just paint your bedroom wall in white color but make it more stunning is a good idea. You can go with some colorful patterns. For example, treat your bed with a colorful pattern to give a cheerful vibe and visual distractions that keep your eyes moving, thus blurring the small dimensions of the bedroom.


Take advantage of your plain walls with pastel wallpaper with a pattern that matches your hopes and favorites. Leave the other interior with bright and plain colors. White, pink, and light pink are the perfect color combination and don’t look boring. Another pattern that you can get here is the use of a wooden herringbone tile which feels warm and smooth. Pastel wallpaper ideas from realhomes.


The floral headboard in white and red gives an energetic impression to the room. You can use other motifs with calmer colors in your bedding. The combination of these two motifs makes your bedroom more colorful. Floral headboard with calm patterned bedding from realhomes.

Harmonize your Palette

If you want to use several colors for your small bedroom decoration, make sure that colors are harmonized. You can mix two or three colors that have the same tone in your bedroom. The matching color combination will make your small bedroom looks harmonize. If you want to add a patterned touch, don’t overdo it because they can make your small bedroom looks crowded and overwhelming.


Earth tone colors make your bedroom decor more natural and not easily boring. Brown and white are a blend of colors that will work well. Besides that, brown color is also easy in choosing furniture and other interiors in one room. Earth tone color from digsdigs.


An easy way to bring a monochromatic style to your bedroom decor is to combine two different colors, namely black and white. Besides that, you can also add a unique interior to give a different atmosphere, namely by using the animal print carpet which has a smooth and soft surface. Monochromatic bedroom decor from digsdigs.


There’s nothing wrong with adding bold colors to your black and white bedroom as a striking and eye-catching focal point. You can add pink color to the bedding, pillowcases, and wall decorations that hang over the bed. This bedroom will look more contemporary and minimalist. Black and white bedroom with a splash of pink from digsdigs.

Make it as simple as you can in decorating the small bedroom, it doesn’t mean your bedroom is plain. You can make your private room as pleasant as you can by giving a colorful decoration. By following some tips above, hopefully, you will be more comfortable staying in your small bedroom.