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Tidy Up your Small Living Room with These Storage Ideas

Every home should have a living room in their house. This is an important room that can be functioned for many activities. Either spend your time with your family, watching TV, read your favorite books, and also serve your guests. Since this room is very important, you have to decorate it as interesting as you can. Especially if you have a small living room that forces you to deal with the limited space. And all you have to do is finding the right decoration and storage idea. So, it is very important to organize the small living room and get a tidy look. Here are some small living room storage ideas to tidy up your room.

Multifunctional Coffee Table

One of the storage ideas for the small living room is choosing the multifunctional coffee table. Every living room needs a coffee table. Besides its function to complete your living room decor, better for you to choose a table that can be functioned to store some items in your living room. You can store your TV remote, books, and even your laptop inside the coffee table. For example, you can choose the coffee table that has racks underneath, lift top coffee table, or another multifunctional coffee table design.

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Pallet coffee table equipped with wheels makes it easy for you to move it to another area you want. Take advantage of this empty space on the table as a built in storage idea that you can use to store a few books and other small items. With this table, your living room decoration will be more organized and tidy. Pallet coffee table with built in storage from loveproperty.


Lift up one side of this table for smart storage in your living room, keep a few books on this table so your room doesn’t look cluttered. One side of the other part of this table you can use to put a cup of coffee. This coffee table also comes with built in drawers for an additional effective and efficient storage idea. A coffee table equipped with a storage drawer from loveproperty.


To create an efficient living room for daily activities, a wooden coffee table made of wood and iron is a furniture choice that you can try. You don’t need to add a drawer to this coffee table because it comes with storage underneath. Raise the surface of this table if needed. Coffee table made of wood with iron which is equipped with storage under it from thegardengranny.


This minimalist living room is equipped with modern multifunctional furniture. A melamine wood coffee table equipped with storage drawers is the furniture choice that you can try in your living room decor. When the coffee table is lifted, you can use it to put the laptop to work. Carpet becomes warm and comfortable footwear in this room. Melamine wood coffee table with storage drawers and work desk from thegardengranny.

Side Table with Storage Underneath

Besides, multifunctional coffee table, the side table that has storage underneath is also can be an option for the small living room storage ideas. The small, sleek, and small design of the side table will not take up to much of your living room space. And also you can use the space underneath to store your magazine, books, and your other items.


Minimalist living rooms always uses smart and multifunctional furniture to save space better. A side table with two storage spaces under it you can use to store several books. Choose black to make it easier for you to combine with other interiors around it. Wood is also a favorite in modern or classic living room décor. Side table with two storage spaces under it from home-designing.


Two different materials on this side table are the inspiration for the interior of the living room that you can try. The combination of wood with melamine plywood is the perfect blend for this multifunctional side table. You can add storage underneath to make your living room decor tidy and comfortable all the time. Combination of wood with melamine plywood side table from home-designing.

Simple Dresser

If you want elegant small living room decor, it doesn’t matter to place a dresser. The dresser is very functional to liven up your living room. But avoid buying a large dresser, it will take up to much space in your small living room. In this case, you can choose a simple dresser but has a lot of drawers or storage to store your items. It will hide the clutter situation, surely. And the surface of the dresser can be used to display your photo collections, flower vases, table lamps, or anything kinds of a decorative item. You will get a tidy look and interesting living room decoration at the same time.


There’s nothing wrong with putting a wooden dresser in your small living room as an easy additional storage area. This dresser has several storage drawers, use the top surface of the dresser to put some ornaments that can beautify the room, for example, a flower vase and a vintage table lamp. Paint this dresser with a striking color as a very useful focal point for this room. Bold color wooden dresser from digsdigs.


The matte black dresser with gold accents on the decoration and drawer handles gives an instant lively atmosphere to your living room. The more drawers in the dresser, the more you can store, you can put all the small items in this drawer to make it easier to find. Take advantage of this dresser surface as a TV stand and show off some beautiful ornaments such as painting frames and small green plants. Black matte dresser with gold accents on decoration and drawer handles from digsdigs.

Corner Floating Shelves

To save the floor, the floating shelves are a good idea. This idea is suitable for the small living room. You can install the floating shelves at the corner of the living room. You can use the shelves to store your items and keep you out of the clutter situation. The design and materials of the floating shelves can be adjusted according to your living room decoration theme.


This corner of the room will be more useful when equipped with wooden shelves for effective and efficient storage of several books. You can hang multiple shelves vertically to better save space. Re-paint your storage shelves to match the wall color scheme in use. White floating wooden rack from decoist.


A storage box hanging on the corner of the room will add an effective storage area to your modern living room decor. Use this shelf box to store some of your favorite books and ornaments to complement the appearance of this room. This storage idea doesn’t take up a lot of space, so it’s perfect for decorating a small room. Corner floating storage box from hgtv.

Those are some storage ideas for a small living room. Choose one which you think is best and in accordance with your living room and get a tidy situation.