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Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas to Give Awesome Dress Up Moment In The Morning

When it comes to the bathroom decoration, you can’t neglect the lighting. Whether lighting for the whole of the bathroom or for the vanity. The vanity area is the most space to take note of because you will spend a lot of your time in front of the mirror, especially in the morning. You will do some activities in front of the mirror before you go to the office or somewhere. You need to dress up well, you need makeup well. And to help you while dressing up, the proper bathroom vanity lighting is needed.

There are several different types of lighting that you can use to illuminate your bathroom. You can choose to go with very low-level downlights for a nice ambient glow or you can go with very bright wall sconces to add drama to the room. You can also use a track light or LED mirror for a minimalist look. If you still confuse to choose the better and fit one, here are some bathroom vanity lighting ideas.


Wall sconces are a great way to add light to your bathroom while not overdoing it. There is nothing more annoying than having a bright overhead light while you wash your hands or brush your teeth. Wall sconces can be placed wherever you like. You can use two or three wall sconces then install them side by side with the mirror.


Wall scone lamps are usually used in modern farmhouse-style bathroom vanity decorations because the container of this material is made of iron so that it gives a beautiful and sweet vintage impression. Use wall scones in this vanity area to help your evening activities while in the bathroom. Four wall scones lights from bobvila.


Another lighting idea for a bathroom vanity decoration is wall scones with a trumpet shape. This lamp produces a yellow light which makes this vanity area seem more dramatic, try hanging it on the right and left of the vanity mirror wrapped in this clean white frame. The portable sink will be lighter when moved. Trumpet wall scones lamps from bobvila.

Pendant Lamp

Another bathroom vanity lighting that you can use is a pendant lamp. This is a commonly used lamp. The reason why this lamp is usually used for the bathroom vanity because the look is simple but pretty and is able to illuminate your vanity area. Usually, this lamp installed on the ceiling in a suspended manner with the help of a metal rod, cord, or chain. You can install the pendant lamp in the middle of the mirror to light up your makeup activity in the morning.


The lamp that is hung by a rope in the vanity area can be called a pendant lamp. You can choose this lamp according to your heart’s desire to match the decor and theme that you are currently using, if your vanity bathroom theme is contemporary, then this lamp is the right choice for you to try. Pendant lamps provide ambient and soothing light. Contemporary pendant lamp from decoist.


As a vanity lighting idea, you can choose a glass pendant lamp with this long size. Use a rope to adjust the level of the lamp according to your needs. This lamp gives a modern impression that never goes out of style, combine it with cabinet vanity as a multifunctional bathroom decoration idea. Glass pendant lamp from decoist.

Track Light

Bathroom vanity lighting ideas with track lighting are becoming very popular. You will find that this kind of bathroom vanity lighting usually used in every bathroom. The beauty of having a track light is that it can be positioned almost anywhere and still illuminate the room fully. If you’ve ever spent time looking through old vintage photographs in an old album then chances are, you already know what I’m talking about when I say that using the track lights on your bathroom vanity cabinets can really add a charming vintage look. So now that you’ve made the decision to incorporate track lighting into your bathroom vanity lighting ideas, let’s go find and buy it at the store.


This wall-mounted track light which has a matte black outer surface provides a beautiful color contrast when mounted on a white wall. This color mix will work well and don’t spoil the color scheme in this contemporary bathroom. You can add another lamp for a brighter light. Wall-mounted track light from housebeautiful.


The iron used to combine this track light can be installed right above the bathroom vanity. You can hang it on the ceiling firmly to prevent the lamp from falling and causing it to break. The resulting lighting is a yellow color that feels warm when turned on at night. Ceiling track light from

Look Sophisticated with LED Mirror

If you want to add a modern touch to your bathroom, you can add an LED mirror for the vanity area. Mirror lights are really fancy and sophisticated. You can install the LED light behind the mirror to give a dramatic look but seamlessly. It will illuminate your bathroom vanity area and become more modern.


Take a look at some of the mirror rounds in this vanity, they look modern and up to date. This lamp is equipped with an LED light that is installed behind the mirror so that it is not visible. Backsplash this vanity pattern adds a more elegant and beautiful impression, it will be even more perfect especially using a vanity with lots of storage drawers so that it makes the bathroom decor more organized and tidy. LED round mirror from decoist.


This mirrored side LED lighting becomes an impressive interior bathroom vanity that you can try. If you only use one LED mirror then choose a size that is bigger and fills some of the walls in this vanity area. Marble vanity adds a luxurious feel that is not excessive. Mirror side LED lighting from decoist.

Modern with Recessed Lamp

Last but not least, the bathroom vanity lighting that you can use is a recessed lamp or you can call it a ceiling light. This lighting fixture is not visible and looks pretty on your ceiling but able to light up your dress-up and makeup activity in the morning.


Let them ask questions with lighting ideas in your vanity bathroom decor. This recessed lamp is behind the ceiling so it is not clearly visible when it is not turned on. Try to offset the color between this recessed lamp and the ceiling you use to disguise the overall light. You can install this lamp in modern bathroom decor. The color of the recessed lamp matches the bathroom vanity ceiling from housebeautiful.


The final idea for bathroom lighting is a recessed lamp. Avoid using recessed lamps of less than two lights because these lamps have ambient lighting so they are less bright when needed to highlight the vanity area at night. Maximize it by using four recessed lamps mounted on the ceiling side by side. Four recessed lights from deavita.

Those are some of the bathroom vanity lighting ideas that you can adopt for your bathroom decor. Choose the suitable one and you will have a great result. The most important thing to remember about bathroom vanity lighting is that it should be a consistent feature throughout the entire room, rather than appearing as a distraction or a change that you simply don’t need.