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Quick and Easy Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Did you feel bored with your previous bathroom design? And need something new to get a different nuance? Don’t be confused, there are several quick and easy ways to freshen up your bathroom nuance. You don’t need to spend much of your budget on this idea. You can start with the simple thing in your bathroom. Below we have some quick and easy bathroom decorating ideas that you can adopt. Keep reading this article.

Install Removable Wallpaper

If you think that your plain wall was bored, then install removable wallpaper is a good deal. There many kinds and patterns of bathroom wallpaper that you can buy and install on your wall. From the classic to the modern. From the floral to the striped one. You can choose one according to your taste. The pattern of the wallpaper will bring a fresh and different impression to your bathroom.


White flower wallpaper as the base color has a stunning room look for you to try because you can remove this wallpaper easily. Combined with a shabby blue sink which is complemented by a gold-framed mirror will create an attractive bathroom look for you to try. This floral pattern will give you a fresh feeling if you are in this tiny bathroom. White flower wallpaper bathroom from countryliving.


This combination of blue tones and erasable wallpaper creates a quick bathroom renovation that still looks attractive. You can use a botanical pattern with a white base color so that it has an increasing blend of colors for you to try. Wooden floors and antique furniture will also complement your décor to give a warm and rustic vibe to your bath. Blue tones and white wallpaper from countryliving.

Create A Gallery Wall

Besides wallpaper, the quick and easy way to create a different nuance in your bathroom is by adding some wall art. Make a simple gallery wall in your bathroom walls. This idea will transform a big boring blank wall into a statement wall. It will be the new point of interest in your bathroom.


Adding a wood-framed art wall gallery would also be the perfect focal point for the room. You can place it on top of the bathroom for an attractive appearance. In addition, this wall gallery placement will maximize the appearance of your bathroom walls in an attractive way. Combined with white nuances and mosaic floor tiles, it will be a room decoration that you should try. Wood-framed art wall gallery from housebeautiful.


Using a wall gallery in the form of a framed mirror attached to the wall of this tiny bathroom will create a bright room decoration because of the light reflection from the mirror. You can combine it with blue walls and marble floors to give the room an elegant impression. The large and yellow roses in this vase will add a natural impression to the room. Framed mirror gallery wall from hgtv.

Change the Lighting Fixture

Lighting is the important thing in the bathroom. Besides illuminating the bathroom, the lighting fixture also can be used to enhance the decoration and change the nuance. Maybe before you apply this idea, you have to search for the proper lighting fixture that suits your bathroom style and sizes. The sconces will fit in the small bathroom. If you want a simple but modern look the light mirror can be your option. Farmhouse-style and rustic-style lighting is a good idea for a warm bathroom nuance.


Dainty lighting in mint green shines above the antique French sink. Having a farmhouse look and country-style lighting is a great idea for a warm bathroom. You can pair it with a tin sink, shabby wood cabinets, and wicker basket storage to spice up your décor and change the tone. This white wood-framed oval mirror creates the illusion of bright space. Mint green lighting above french zink from countryliving.


You can add outdoor-style lanterns to your bathroom in this farmhouse. The right lighting will make your room look spacious. A bathroom featuring outdoor-friendly elements including a concrete mirror and a fabric sink skirt creates a stunning appearance. This is a great idea for a warm bathroom. Lanterns bathroom decor from countryliving.

Add Greenery

Don’t forget to add greenery when talking about the quick and easy ways to decorate the bathroom. Because this really quick and easy way to freshen up your bathroom without breaking your bank. All you have to is just putting some house plants in your bathroom. You can place it on the floor, on the vanity table, or you can hang it on the ceiling. It would be nice if you place the greenery next to the window for the fresh nuance.


The boho chic bathroom with antique bathtub, several lamps and candles, potted plants around the tub and hanging give a natural feel and fresh air to the room. You can use white pots of various sizes for a stunning display. You can also add antique furniture to add a vintage touch to this bathroom. Boho chic bathroom with potted plants from digsdigs.


The bathroom is dark blue and neutral in color with a tiled floor, panels and lots of green potted plants around the bath which will give the perfect room decoration and give fresh air into the room. Using a ladder to place the plant over the tub is the perfect focal point. The monstera plant beside this bathtub also complements your room decor. Hanging ladder with plants from digsdigs.

Give a Different Touch To The Floor (Fake a Tiled Floor)

Instead of changing your ceramic bathroom tiles, you can cover your bathroom floor with a fake tiled floor. It comes in various patterns and colors. Such as geometric or wood-look likes. Just adjusting according to your need and the goals you want to achieve for your bathroom. The fake tiled floor will give a different nuance to your bathroom without remodeling one.


Replacing bathroom floor tiles can cover the unfinished bathroom floor thus creating a frugal room decoration. You can choose a fake wood patterned floor so that your bathroom feels different without needing to be renovated again. Combining it with white tones will create the perfect room decor and give a warm and airy impression. This white sink table also complements the look of your room. Fake wood patterned floor from digsdigs.


The colorful morrocan style on this fake bathroom floor provides the perfect contrast to this room if you mix it with white tones. These fake floor tiles will exude a room decoration that attracts people’s attention. Complete your decor with a wooden sink and some greenery to give a fresh feel to the room. Colorful morrocan style fake floor from digsdigs.

When having a new look in your previous bathroom design, it will be a pleasant thing. With those ideas above, hopefully, it can help you to get a new bathroom look.