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Best Outdoor Furniture Ideas by Materials

So you want to decorate your backyard or front porch and are looking for outdoor furniture ideas? With so many types of outdoor furniture available, it can be tricky to decide which is right for your patio. However, you can narrow down your choices by focusing on certain types of materials.

When choosing the materials, you will have to think about how they will be used. Will you be using it to eat meals? Would you like to entertain guests? Or just to relax. Consider the activities that you do outside to determine what types of outdoor furniture would be best suited for your needs, lifestyle, and your budget. Outdoor furniture can be highly versatile, so you will have many options once you know what you are trying to find. Here are some best outdoor furniture ideas by materials.


Bring a natural impression to your outdoor space with wood furniture. Wood is a classic choice for outdoor furniture. They come in various kinds of wood types. Form softwood to hardwood. When you are choosing softwood furniture, you have to make sure this furniture is better-used undercover, such as the patio with a canopy. And for the hardwood furniture, it will long-lasting and certainly withstands a wet environment. This is suitable for the outdoor dining set material.


This looks very professional table and this bench is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Using used and refinished pallet boards, you can build this sturdy and useful piece of furniture and gather it around the whole family comfortably and easily. Using hardwood furniture will be durable and of course resistant to wet environments. Wooden dining chair outdoor furniture from homebnc.


Picnic tables are a great way to get together with the family. This stylish table makes a practical accent to any patio. Easy to install with 2 X 4 lumber. The table is joined in a support style with the bench attached. Wooden furniture will also be resistant to all weather and of course resistant to wet environments. Don’t forget to add potted plants to give your patio a natural touch. Wooden picnic tables from homebnc.


Adding a rustic dining area to your back porch makes for an attractive and inviting patio. Hardwood furniture will last a long time and is sure to withstand wet environments and definitely withstand wet weather. Potted plants will also add a natural touch to the room. Rustic dining area from architecturaldigest.


If you want to have classic, lightweight, flexible, and comfortable outdoor furniture, the furniture made of rattan material is a good idea. This furniture is made from natural rattan fiber that tightly woven in the wicker style. When you choose to use this furniture material for your outdoor furniture, make sure that you place it in the right place. Don’t place the rattan furniture in areas that are directly exposed to sunlight or rainwater because it will fade the color and the rattan fibers will loosen. This furniture is suitable to be placed on the front porch or veranda.


This rattan coffee table and chair set will give you a dazzling look on your patio. Equipped with soft pads and blankets will create a comfortable look on the terrace of this house. Complete your patio decoration with a fireplace in the middle of the chair so that it will remind you of your body while on the terrace of the house. Some greenery was added to create a fresh and natural look. Rattan chair set from hgtv.


Choosing rattan furniture is a brilliant idea for you to try on your porch. Make sure you put it in the right place because this rattan will rot easily if it is exposed to direct sunlight and rainwater. Combine with soft cushions and blankets to make it comfortable on your porch. The flowers in this vase will make a fresh impression on your terrace. Rattan chair furniture from hgtv.


A boho terrace with wicker chairs, lots of cactus pots and succulents, and monochromatic textiles bring an inviting feeling to this patio decor. Don’t forget to add soft cushions to create a comfortable feeling to your terrace. This furniture is suitable to be placed on the terrace or front porch. Wicker chairs from digsdigs.

Wrought Iron

For those of you who are searching for durable outdoor furniture, you can choose wrought iron material. This material is suitable for garden furniture or patio without a canopy. The wrought iron furniture is withstanding in hot or wet weather. But you have to make sure to keep maintain the paint of the wrought iron furniture because tends to rust if it is not kept painted.


If you have outdoor space in your garden, you can also create an inviting outdoor space to entertain and relax. You can easily find wrought iron furniture to make your outdoor living room more comfortable and inviting. This wrought iron lounge chair is all-weather resistant so it will provide the perfect garden decor.  Wrought iron lounge chair from ofdesign.


Your outdoor living room will be very comfortable if you ask for some greenery there. So bring lots of color and freshness to your outdoor space and make it more modern and comfortable at the same time. You can add a wrought iron chair that is equipped with soft pads that will make you feels comfy while on your porch. Don’t forget to add a round table complete with flowers in a vase to complement the fresh decor. Armchairs with cushions from ofdesign.


With wrought iron furniture, you can have many color choices. You can choose traditional wrought iron patio furniture for outdoor spaces. You can choose white to decorate this cozy and beautiful outdoor feature. For a complete colorful display, you can combine it with some greenery around the existing garden. Planting in these terracotta pots presents an attractive room decoration. White wrought iron furniture from ofdesign.


The material called polyethylene is a type of plastic that is very commonly used for outdoor furniture with plastic material. This type of furniture is weatherproof and can be left outdoors all year long. Plastic outdoor furniture is also easy to maintain. You just need to wipe it down regularly with a soapy cloth. If there is any kind of spills on the furniture such as a drop of food or liquid, immediately clean it up and rinse it with clean water. The practicality and easy maintenance become a reason for many people to use plastic material for outdoor furniture.


Some of these yellow and orange plastic chairs will bring a cheerful feeling to your porch. This material is resistant to sunlight so it is suitable for you to apply to your outdoor space. It is furnished with a round white coffee table and some greenery in a yellow pot for a stunning patio view. Don’t forget to add a red carpet to give your feet a warm impression. Yellow and orange plastic chairs from ofdesign.

By following that outdoor furniture by material, hopefully, you will find the suit outdoor furniture for your patio or front porch.