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Make Your Small Bathroom Looks Stunning with These 6 Inspiring Ideas

Are you looking for small bathroom decorating ideas to give your bathroom a stunning look? If your bathroom is not that big, then having small decorations and fittings will help in making your bathroom look more attractive and interesting. You may not have a big budget for your bathroom renovation but you can decorate it in a way that will make it look stylish. Here are some ideas to make your small bathroom looks stunning.

Maximize the Awkward Corner

When it comes to the small bathroom decoration, the first thing that you can consider is the corner area. You can utilize the corner for the bathtub or shower area. If you choose to use a bathtub, the freestanding bathtub is highly recommended. But if you consider having a shower area, opt for a walk-in shower with a frameless panel. The oval shape of the freestanding bathtub and frameless walk-in shower will create an illusion of space and makes your small bathroom looks bigger than it is.


The addition of a shower in the corner of this tiny bathroom presents the perfect room decoration so that it will maximize the space in this bathroom. Using glass dividers and gold accents on this shower and faucet makes the room elegant and attractive. You can also add storage cabinets and alcoves for neat bathroom decor. Don’t forget to add ceiling lights and large mirrors to reflect light to make your room look spacious and bright. Corner shower on small bathroom from nextluxury.

Work in Wall-Mounted Furniture

It is very important to keep the floor in the small bathroom is clean. Refers to that idea, the wall-mounted furniture works well in the small bathroom. In this case, you can change the freestanding cabinet with a wall-mounted vanity cabinet. Besides, provide storage space, the wall-mounted remains the favorite furniture due to the simple and streamlined look.


Wall-mounted vanity ideas will create floor space so your paths aren’t distracted by this storage. You can use wooden drawers and cabinets to store toiletries and make it easier for you to find them. This decoration idea will save space in a small bathroom so that the room will look more spacious and environmentally friendly. Wall-mounted vanity ideas from thespruce.


To maximize the space in a small bathroom, the use of a vanity storage area on the wall will create a clutter-free space. Wall-mounted furniture remains a favorite due to its simple and sleek appearance. With this storage, it will make it easier for you to store various toiletries easily and will make your room look tidy. Combined with large windows and white tones, the room will look spacious and bright. Wall-mounted furniture from sebringdesignbuild.

Opt for Recessed Built-In Shelves in Your Shower

Instead of using racks to put your soap and shampoo dispenser, applying a recessed built-in shelf in your shower will create a minimalist, sleek, and clean look. The recessed built-in shelves are a good space saver, both practical and stylish. And also it will make your small bathroom looks more stunning.


Storage ideas are built to make a small bathroom tidy and will keep the room cluttered. The internal storage in this shower has varying heights to accommodate the taller bottles making it easier for you to store several items at close range. With this idea, you will have a wide view of the room because it has storage that saves space. Built-in storage from contemporist.


Complementing your small bathroom décor with additional built-in storage in the shower pad will keep the room tidy and avoid clutter. This storage makes it easy for you to keep a variety of toiletries within easy reach. Using this built-in mosaic tile provides the perfect decoration for the room. adding a floating stool to the shower will have a perfect function so that it will create a comfortable room. You can pair it with gray ceramic for a warm look. Built-in storage on shower room from hgtv.

Look Fresh with White Color Scheme

Don’t forget to pay attention to the right color scheme in your small bathroom. A small bathroom needs a fresh nuance and then to make it happen, applying white paint is a wise way. Apply this color to the wall of your small bathroom. The white color is able to make the illusion of your small space has a larger appearance.


This small all-white bathroom creates the illusion of a spacious space and will look bright with the right ceiling lighting mix. This white furniture and wicker shelf storage provides the perfect contrast to the room and will make the perfect focal point. This large mirror also presents a roomy impression for you to try now. All-white small bathroom from homedit.


The all-white nuance and the support of the large windows on one of the walls provide a spacious and airy decoration. Besides that, the benefits of this large window are also to enjoy the outdoor view. This white nuance also gives the impression of being calm and calm while in the room. Don’t forget to add natural wood accents to the dressing table and bench to complete your small bathroom decor. All-white nuance from homedit.

Create Appear Larger with Mirrors

Another way to create an illusion of a large appearance is by adding a mirror into your small bathroom. The mirror can reflect the light and make a different nuance to the room. This is the best trick that used any interior designer all the time.


The mirror here will function to reflect light and give the impression of a spacious and airy room. Combined with all-white nuances, your room will look elegant. The lighting from the sconce and large windows will provide the right lighting and create a dramatic feel to the room. This double sink and bathtub come with bathroom décor.big mirror on small bathroom from homedit.


The combination of large mirrors and all-white nuances creates the perfect decoration of the room so that it will give the illusion of a spacious and bright room. This method is the best trick any interior designer uses all the time. Don’t forget to add white furniture for the perfect contrast. green plants in a vase also bring a fresh impression into this room. Rectangular mirror from homedit.

Make Statement with Wallpaper

Even though your bathroom is small make it looks stunning with wallpaper is a great idea. Besides being able to make a statement in your room, the wallpaper is able to distract from the size of your small bathroom. Your eyes will be distracted with a unique wallpaper so that it will shift your focus from the narrow size of the room to the wallpaper. Opt for a unique, bold, or interesting wallpaper.


The flower wallpaper on one of the walls makes the perfect focal point for the room, so it deserves to be imitated. Paired with a round mirror and dressing table in a vintage navy color, this provides the perfect contrast. You can also complement the bathroom decor with white nuances to give the illusion of a spacious and airy room. These large windows let sunlight into the room and will create a bright space. Flower wallpaper on the wall from thespruce.

Having a small bathroom doesn’t have makes you worried about the decoration. By applying those ideas above, hopefully, can help you to find some inspiring idea.