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Create Your Own an Awesome Breakfast Bar for Your Small Kitchen

Are you have a small kitchen? Are you think that you don’t have a lot of work with? For some people, it might be frustrating. But have you ever thought by adding a breakfast bar creates the look of your small kitchen becomes more interesting? In addition, you can make the most out of your small kitchen. All that matters is that there are options available when the kitchen space is limited. So keep reading this article to find the awesome breakfast bar idea and create it in your small kitchen.

Windowsill Breakfast Bars

When you have the situation that your small kitchen installed a window and not utilized, you can turn it to become a breakfast bar and the windowsill will be a table. All you have to do is just installing a proper board and complete it with some stools. Whether it is a narrow or wide windowsill, you can still the perfect space to enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of bread with your beloved one.


Completing the kitchen decor with this breakfast windowsill bar is the perfect space to enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of bread with your loved one. You can use the material from wood and place it near the window while enjoying a cup of coffee you can see the perfect outdoor view. Pair it with a high chair to create a cozy feel at this breakfast bar. Completing the decor with triangular storage in the corner of the room also presents a perfect and more organized space. Wooden breakfast windowsill bar from shelterness.


This small kitchen decor can add a breakfast bar on the windowsill for a cozy cup of coffee and cake. Using a window equipped with a curtain will present the perfect kitchen decoration and become the focal point of the room. Don’t forget to add a high chair to complement the room. This corner wall lighting will present the perfect room decoration. Windowsill breakfast bar from shelterness.

Wall Cut-out Breakfast Bars

If no space to put your dining set in your small kitchen, you can remodel your small kitchen by cutting your wall into a breakfast bar. Cut out your kitchen wall into a half part then use the space directly opposite the kitchen for your dining area. Install a board on it and complete it with bar stools.


This wall-cut breakfast bar will grab people’s attention when they enter your kitchen. You can ask an artisan to design the space by cutting your kitchen wall in half and then using the space directly opposite the kitchen for your dining area. Don’t forget to add a wooden high chair to create a comfortable impression and will make you feel at home for a long cup of coffee. Adding this modern chandelier provides the perfect lighting. Wall-cut breakfast bar from decoist.


The idea of decorating the kitchen with the addition of a breakfast bar on one wall will make a room that cares for people, making it the perfect focal point of the room. You can cut your kitchen wall in half so that your breakfast bar will go straight to the kitchen. Don’t forget to add a high chair to give a comfortable impression to your room. The track lights are also the perfect lighting. Breakfast bar on small kitchen from bobvila.

Floating Breakfast Bars

Take advantage of your small kitchen wall by installing floating breakfast bars. This breakfast idea is really will save some extra feet space. All you need to do is installing a wooden panel on the wall of your small kitchen and add a couple of stools or chairs underneath. Better for you to choose a foldable table and you can use it as much as you want.


A minimalist kitchen equipped with a floating bar is a perfect home decoration so that it will make your room look attractive. Using a wood countertop and wooden chairs painted red will bring the perfect contrast to this kitchen. This decoration idea will make it easier for you to enjoy a cup of coffee and cake with your partner. Small floating breakfast bars from digsdigs.


Completing a minimalist kitchen with a touch of a floating breakfast bar is a perfect decoration so that it creates an interesting room for you to try. Completing the decoration with tall wooden chairs makes your room decoration more comfortable. Don’t forget to add green plants in pots and large windows to give a bright and fresh impression to the room. Shades of white with a touch of a wooden countertop will complement the look of this kitchen. Wooden floating breakfast bar from digsdigs.

Corner Breakfast Bars

Think of the corner space in your small kitchen. Why you don’t utilize this space for a breakfast area? You can place a mini table and a bench with letter L-shaped that fits the corner space perfectly. This will be the cozy breakfast bar and also can be used as the dining area in your small kitchen.


Applying a breakfast bar in the corner of the room becomes the perfect room decoration. You can use an L-shaped bank, which is equipped with soft cushions to make the room comfortable and inviting. Completing the décor with this small square dining table makes the room even more attractive and will be the perfect room decoration. Corner breakfast bar from digsdigs.


The L-shaped bench in this small kitchen complements the furniture and breakfast corner. Don’t forget to add a checkerboard pattern to decorate the perfect room. Completed with a round wooden bar table and adding greenery in a silver vase it is a perfect choice and makes for an inviting space. L-shaped bench from digsdigs.

Kitchen Counter Breakfast Bars

And the last idea that you can try to create your own breakfast bar is by utilizing one side of your kitchen countertop into a breakfast bar. This idea will save your budget and space and you will have an interesting small kitchen decor. Just add a couple of chairs and stools. You can add a flower vase and spoon container to decorate the breakfast bar.


These breakfast bar ideas will save you money and space and you will have an attractive little kitchen decor. You can use wooden pallets to make a bar table so that your kitchen will have a rustic impression. The high chair with soft cushions also creates the impression of a comfortable and inviting space. don’t forget to add the right lighting to create a bright room. Wooden breakfast bar from decoist.


Making a breakfast bar by utilizing one of the tables in the kitchen will be an interesting room for you to try. With this idea, you will have the look of a kitchen on a budget and will create an attractive kitchen for you to try. Complete the decoration of the room with chairs and add a bowl to decorate your breakfast bar. The pendant lighting above the bar is the perfect kitchen decoration so it will focus your meals. Breakfast bar on table kitchen from decoist.

A breakfast bar is a great addition to small kitchen decor. Those ideas above are a few ways to create your own awesome breakfast bar for your small kitchen as well. Get creative with the breakfast bar ideas and enjoy your meal time even in the limited space.