Small Modern Apartment Design Ideas

The first thing you need to do if you are looking for small modern apartment design ideas is to think about the space you have. The most common mistake people make when it comes to designing a small apartment is not planning beforehand. Planning will allow you to know how much you have to work with and help you determine the best way to go about the process of designing the apartment. There are so many different things that come into play when you decide to design a small modern apartment. This is why it is important to be well prepared when you begin. Here are a few small modern apartment design ideas that can help you get started.

Determine the Size

The first thing that you need to do is to determine the size of your apartment. Then, decide what kind of design would fit your space best. Remember that the designs might vary depending on the size of your space, so you have to find out which design would fit your space the best. Modern design focuses more on the functionality of a room, which means that if you are planning to have a TV or a computer in your bedroom, then it can be done.


Choosing the layout of a small apartment by placing a competently equipped work table in the living room will create the functionality of a room. This way you will maximize the space in your small apartment. You can pair it with a minimalist sofa that features a round coffee table and striped rug to create an inviting space. Shades of white combine red accents on the console table, red cushions, and wall decorations to create the perfect focal point for the room. Worktable and living room combo from home-designing.

Color Schemes

Color schemes can also be considered when it comes to small modern apartment design ideas. Light colors are the most common colors that are used, but you do not need to stick to this color scheme. You can actually mix it up by using some dark colors and some bright colors instead. This way, you will have a modern apartment that is unique from others.


Choosing a black and white color scheme will make the decor of your small apartment look more stylish. You can combine it with oak accents on the floor and some furniture so that it presents the perfect room contrast. Adding greenery in a large pot and a large mirror also creates a bright and spacious room. Ceiling lights also provide proper lighting. Black and white color scheme from home-designing.

Open Space Concept

For the small modern apartment design ideas, the open space concept is highly recommended. If you just have limited space, make it look “opened” will bring airily and looks modern. In this case, you can merge between your living room and dining room or your dining room and kitchen. Besides, it will save space and have a decent space to move, your small apartment will have a modern vibe.


Combining the living room, dining room, and mini kitchen in one large room creates the perfect decoration that makes the room even more attractive. Contrast material helps to strengthen the visual gap between each area. The kitchen has a high-contrast theme of wood cabinets with matte black accents, but the living area adopts a more casual style with a cozy gray color. Living room, dining room, and mini kitchen combo from home-designing.


This small apartment with a black and white color scheme provides an upscale look for you to try. You can combine the living room, dining room, and kitchen in one room to save space and have a decent amount of wiggle room. Using wood floors also brings a warm and comfortable room decoration. This unique chandelier above the dining table creates a bright and dramatic space. Open space on the small apartment from home-designing.


Having limited space in a small apartment you should try combining the dining room, kitchen, and living room in one room so that it will save space and have a sufficient amount of movement. You will also need to add large windows and white wall shades to present a bright and airy room. Completed with green curtains and geometric patterned rugs, this will make the room attractive. Small apartment decor from home-designing.

Wood Floor

There are a few different types of flooring that you can use for your small apartment. Wood flooring is always a good option. It is a very classic look that will never date. Wood is also very affordable, so if you can’t afford wood flooring, there are some cheaper alternatives such as linoleum. Most people agree that linoleum floors are not very appealing, but if you don’t mind the floor at all, then this may be the ideal small modern apartment design idea for you.


The use of this type of wood floor will present a warm and spacious room. Hardwood floors are always a good choice because a very classic look will complement any room décor. You can combine it with a black sofa and a yellow console table to make the perfect room decoration as well as make the room’s focal point attractive. Shades of white and complemented by large windows and light curtains and linens for the ideal small modern apartment design idea for you. Hardwood floors from home-designing.


Decorating a small apartment using wooden floors is a brilliant option for you to try. Because the elegant design will also create a warm impression in this room. This wooden floor is the best choice for decorating a small apartment space on a low budget. You can combine it with shades of gray and beige to create an elegant room décor. Wooden floors on small apartment decor from home-designing.


Although it may seem too small to really have furniture in your small modern apartment design ideas, it is actually very important that you do. You don’t want your apartment looking like it has been lived in for years! Instead, find furniture pieces that will look amazing in your apartment. For instance, a small coffee table or end table will look great with a colorful rug. Alternatively, you could buy a modern sofa and use that as the centerpiece of your apartment. Modern furniture such as tables and couches are essential if you want your small modern apartment design ideas to look good.


Modern furniture in the form of a tufted black velvet sofa will give an elegant impression to the living room of this minimalist apartment. Equipped with a black coffee table will also balance the appearance of this tiny apartment living room. A soft rug under the coffee table will send a warm vibe into the room. Large windows, complete with light curtains and bed linens, will create a spacious and bright space. Tufted black velvet sofa from home-designing.


The living room of this tiny modern apartment is equipped with some minimalist furniture so that it will create the illusion of space that is not cramped. Choosing an L-shaped sofa which is equipped with a pot storage table behind this sofa presents a dancing space that you can try. Save space by combining the dining room in this living room to make the appearance of your apartment attractive and will steal the attention of many people. Brown L-shaped sofa from home-designing.

Consider Accessories

Smaller apartments can be difficult to decorate, as there is not enough space. However, by using accessories, you can help to decorate your apartment beautifully. By using unique lamps or even wall art, you can help to transform the look of the rooms. By utilizing these different accessories, you can have a wonderful modernistic look that everyone will enjoy living in.


This interior features a smart gray color scheme and simple furniture. Completed with a shiny chandelier on the sofa will provide a dramatic and an inviting light. This white floor lamp provides an interesting decoration for you to try. The occasional green splash makes all the difference. The moss garden centerpiece extends from floor to ceiling giving this house a fresh and natural feel. Double shiny chandelier from home-designing.

Decorating a small apartment might be tricky, but with some modern design ideas, you can create a stunning look in a living space even in a limited space. Have a nice to try.

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