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Minimalist Modern Kitchen Design Ideas in The Backyard

The minimalist modern design becomes popular current this year and a favorite for modern people. This style is not only about the design but also about the placement of space aesthetically and functionally. This design can be applied to every room, even for kitchen ideas. One of them is a minimalist modern kitchen design in the backyard that worth it to try. Then, what kind of minimalist modern kitchen design in the backyard that you can try? Here are some ideas.

Touch of Wood

The first idea is to give a touch of wood to your minimalist modern backyard kitchen. The touch of wood fits to create a warm minimalist modern kitchen in the backyard. The wood element looks natural so you can easy to combine it with a green accent in your backyard. Besides that the minimalist modern wood kitchen has a texture that is not easily slippery, making it easier for you to cook. You can apply the wood accent for the floor or kitchen cabinet.


There’s nothing wrong with using wood accents in the modern outdoor kitchen decor for a more natural look. The laminated wood that is applied to this ceiling has a more glossy color so that it is suitable to be combined with the modern furniture around it, you can try some minimalist kitchen furniture so that it is not too boring. Laminate wood ceiling from decoist.Diverse-and-appealing-beige-kitchen--768x531

Beige shades in a modern outdoor kitchen are the right choice that you can use right now. Don’t forget to add wood accents to the dining table combined with metal table legs and chair legs. Some of the green plants that are equipped with this light reflection will be seen more clearly at night so you can enjoy them whenever you want. Beige outdoor kitchen with wooden dining table set from decoist.

Industrial Style

Another idea for your minimalist modern backyard kitchen is industrial style. This style always becomes a good reference for some people because suitable to be applied indoor or outdoor. A unique touch of industrial style will fit to be combined with a wood accent. You can combine the cement countertop and wood for the storage underneath. That combination will create a sturdy look in your kitchen.


Metal and cement are the best combinations to present an industrial style in a modern kitchen decor in the backyard. Adjust the height of the cement dining table with high metal chairs for a more comfortable dining area and of course make you want to linger in this kitchen for a long time. The advantage of metal is that it has a hard texture and of course it is not easily porous. Cement dining table with high metal chairs from decoist.

Ultra modern outdoor kitchen table & bench | outdoor living florida intended for outdoor kitchen table

An easy way to bring an industrial vibe to your backyard kitchen decor is to use a cement countertop in combination with teak wood in the cabinets, these two materials are a blend that can blend together more perfectly. Besides being able to cook in a different atmosphere, you can also enjoy the tropical and fresh impression of the backyard. Cement countertop with withered cabinet from decoist.

Tropical Touch

There is nothing more interesting than bring a tropical vibe to your minimalist modern backyard kitchen. Tropical elements look very attractive with decorative wood accents and trees or greenery that can create a fresh atmosphere and improve your mood for cooking. You can choose palm trees and Monstera plants for the tropical plant ideas. It will be more interesting if you place your dining table there. You can enjoy the surroundings while eating.


If you want a tropical vibe in your outdoor kitchen decor, then using green plants around this kitchen is the right choice that you can apply. Complete the look of this greenery with candles that surround the kitchen, giving the room a warmer and dramatic impression. This candle can be used as lighting that does not cost a lot of money. Tropical plants perfected with candle holders from housebeautiful.


You can install various kinds of tropical plants with different shapes and sizes along the outdoor kitchen to give the room a fresher feel. You have to give enough care to keep this plant thriving, watering and applying fertilizer regularly is the best activity you can do. Kitchen cabinets in blue give a bright impression and certainly not easily boring. Tropical plants along with the outdoor kitchen from housebeautiful.

Functional in Narrow Space

If you just have a narrow backyard, don’t worry you can still have a functional outdoor kitchen. All you have to do is just place the important cooking equipment ( such as stove, refrigerator, and some cooking utensils) and a dining table. Better for you to choose furniture that space-saving.


If you have backyard decor with limited space, then it doesn’t hurt to make the most of this space. You can use this outdoor kitchen with a floating wooden box to store cutlery from scattering around. There is no need to use too much outdoor furniture because this will make the backyard even more narrow and crowded. Small outdoor kitchen with floating box storage from homebnc.


Install a teak pergola in your backyard as an outdoor kitchen area that you can use as much as possible. You can use this pergola to build a U shape with limited space. Green plants combined with flowers become decorations that never get boring when you look at them. Pergola teak wood for U shape kitchen from homebnc.

Colorful Kitchen

Did you want to give a pop of color in your backyard? Now you can make a cheerful backyard design by creating a colorful kitchen design. The touch of colorful design in your kitchen will bring an aesthetic look. Different unique colors and contemporary patterns are a good combination for your colorful kitchen. For example, you can apply a flower or checkered pattern. It would be interesting if you place your dining room there.


Maximize your backyard as an outdoor kitchen equipped with chairs covered with green cushions. It’s not enough here, you can also use throw pillows with eye-catching flower colors and patterns. Standing a stone fireplace is a heating accent that you can use when the weather outside is getting cold. Wooden chairs upholstered with green cushions and floral throw cushions from diynetwork.


If you use a wooden dining table with natural materials and colors, then an iron dining chair repainted with blue is the best choice to try. Don’t forget to use a stainless steel cabinet with a colorful splash that is enough to make this outdoor kitchen decoration look more attractive and fun. The greenery on the dining table becomes a fresh centerpiece. Blue dining chairs with colorful splashes cabinets from diynetwork.

How about those ideas above? Are you have another new choice in making an outdoor kitchen? Follow those ideas and get a new kitchen look in your backyard.

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