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Table Decoration Ideas to Bring Your Summer Dining Table to Life.

Summer dining tables are very important to any type of lifestyle. It is the focal point of the home and dining room and often the focal point of social gatherings such as dinners or parties. When it comes to the summer dining table, there are many decorative ideas for you to consider. Many people opt to decorate their tables using summer decorations, while others choose to use traditional tablecloths and napkins. No matter which type of decorations you select, the idea is to bring your summer dining table to life.

Summer-themed Tablecloth

One way to create a fun and entertaining summer dining table are to bring your table to life with little-used summer decorations. The way is to use a summer-themed tablecloth. Tablecloths come in a variety of styles. There are those that are very lightweight and thin and those that are larger and thicker. For a summer-themed tablecloth, opt for cotton material and choose bold or bright colors to compliment your summer decor. You can also use a patterned tablecloth that is summer-themed.


To emphasize the style of the summer dining room, you can cover the dining table with a patterned tablecloth that has a combination of blue and white. Complete this dining table with some vintage ceramics applied to vintage cutlery and flower vases. The combination of blue and white will blend perfectly without being overwhelming. Patterned tablecloth with a combination of blue and white from elledecor.


This tablecloth that has a white surface has a flower pattern with a bold color like the combination of red and pink so it looks more colorful and looks bolder. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also make the flowers bloom as a beautiful decoration and give a fragrant aroma that makes you feel more relaxed when you are at this dining table area. A white ceramic flower vase is a neutralizing accent that you can use. Floral tablecloth in bold colors from elledecor.

Patterned Plates

There are also summer dining table decoration ideas available for those who would like to spend their free time decorating tables. One idea is to get one or two large dessert plates. Choose the patterned plate that identical to the summer vibe. Such as lemonade-themed, seaside, or flowers.


Choose and use ceramic plates with several different patterns for a fun summer dining table look. This plate is the most appropriate idea that you can combine with the green plants that are placed around it. This ceramic plate also gives off a vintage vibe that never goes out of style, you can try it right now. Ceramic plates with several different patterns from elledecor.


If you need cutlery when you are in the summer dining room decor, then this white ceramic plate that is refined with blue lines is the right idea for you to try. This ceramic plate is also equipped with an invitation card that has the same color so that it blends more perfectly. This dining table looks fresher when equipped with a floral centerpiece placed in a transparent blue vase. Ceramic plate with blue stripes from elledecor.

Complete with Napkins Summer-themed

To complete the summer dining table decoration, don’t forget to put on a napkin. For the summer vibe, the bold and bright color of the napkins is a good idea. You can also choose the patterned one that represents the summer season. Arrange the napkins on the plates for a neat look. Sometimes you can add some accessories, such as starfish or lemonade ornaments, and then place them on the table.


Don’t let your yellow napkin appear plain and boring, you can add lemon right on top of it as an accessory that has a matching color with sunflowers which is used as a centerpiece idea. Flower vases made of paper in blue color provide a beautiful bright contrast and make your dining table decoration livelier and more enjoyable. Napkins with lemon accessories from countryliving.


This white napkin with a gold floral pattern is a must-have accent in a summer dining table decoration. The combination of striped tablecloths with napkins is more beautiful because it has different colors and patterns. Patterned ceramic plates and several types of flowers are sweet finishing touches and certainly won’t make you feel bored easily. White napkin with gold floral pattern from countryliving.

Summer Table Centerpiece

Consider adding a summer table centerpiece as the center of attention in your eating area. You can use a transparent vase glass, ceramic glass, or wooden tray to put some blooming flowers, lemon, or sea ornaments. The flower that you can choose such as hydrangea, rose, sunflower, etc. This looks very interesting and will make your dining table more alive.


Decorate your dining table with blooming flowers that are placed in a transparent glass vase filled with water. You can use several different types of flowers for more fun and refreshing look. Use several vases of the same size and color and place them neatly as a pretty centerpiece idea suitable for summer decor. Floral centerpiece with a blue ceramic vase from homebnc.


Use some natural accents to make it a summer centerpiece in your dining room decor. This tray made of wood pieces can be used to place several transparent glass vases so that it gives a different and less boring appearance. The combination of white and yellow flowers placed in one vase will work well together to decorate your dining table. Floral with a centerpiece from homebnc.

Invitation Card

For those who are interested in making things a little more personal, why not purchase an invitation card and print it out yourself? This can be an inexpensive option that still adds an unexpected touch to your summer party. Print your summer dining table invitation and then use the card to hang a string of beads or summer flowers from the invite. This will be a sweet and simple way to bring joy to your family and friends.


You can place the invitation card that is printed according to the name of the invited guests on the dining table as a marker and make this table look more private. You can print this invitation in a variety of colors to match the current summer theme. This invitation card is placed right on top of a white cloth so that it looks more rustic and vintage. Colorful invitation card from hgtv.


Match the color of the invitation card that you will use with the tablecloth that is used to make it look more matching and of course not present a striking color contrast. Purple is one of the sweetest colors that you can apply on a white ceramic dinner plate as a compliment and a perfect one. Aromatherapy candles that are placed around this plate become air freshener that relaxes your body. Purple color invitation card from theknot.

Are you interest to apply this summer table decoration ideas and make your dining table more alive? Follow these ideas and get your summer vibe in your dining area.

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