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Rustic Minimalist Kitchen Decor Ideas

If you are trying to design a country-like home, rustic minimalist kitchen decor would be a great choice. This type of style is very popular and can fit in with any rustic theme, you may already have in place. With its wood structure, this type of decor offers a feeling of warmth and coziness that is hard to match with other types of decor. It’s the kind of style you can feel at ease in. Here are some rustic minimalist kitchen decoration ideas that you might want to try out.

Color Scheme

The basic color scheme for rustic country-like kitchens is dark reds and grays. This can be extended to include some black as well if you want to inject a little more of the old world into it. If you are using a lot of wooden furniture, you might also want to stain it a nice dark brown so that it matches with your cabinets and tablecloths.


Having gray and dark red colors in this rustic kitchen scheme will be an interesting room decoration for you to try. You can also use wood floors and wooden beam ceilings which will create a room decor that looks warm and sturdy. This abstract runner rug will bring a warm feel to your rustic kitchen decor. Gray and dark red colors from bhg.


This modern rustic kitchen has a gray and red color scheme in its decoration. Decorations like the picture above will present a stylish home look and will steal the attention of many people. Wooden beam ceilings and natural stone floors will give a sturdy and natural look. Decorations like this will give a unique look and steal the attention of many people. Modern rustic kitchen from idealhome.

Stone Meets Wood

When it comes to the rustic kitchen decor, stone meets wood is a great thing. That material can be applied to the wall and floor. If you apply wood for the wall, you can use light-colored distressed woods like pine or cedar for the walls. There is an unspoken rule that the walls should be lined with a white or cream wash since white and cream have some sort of calming effect on people. For the flooring, you will want to use natural materials like stone or concrete tile. In a rustic kitchen, this would be a perfect combination of old and new. In order applying the wood and stone materials is all up to you. If you prefer stone material for the wall for the sturdy look and wood for the floor for the warm atmosphere, it is also a great idea. The important thing is that stone and wood materials are the main material to create and strengthen the rustic vibe in your kitchen.


When the countryside meets the industry will provide an interesting look for you to try. The open concept of wooden floors and stone walls creates a rustic foundation, but industrial accents such as metal benches, stainless steel and black tables add to the edge. You can add open shelves for a neat and clutter-free kitchen decor. Wooden floors and stone walls kitchen decor from housebeautiful.


Choosing wood cabinets and stone floors will give a natural vibe to this rustic kitchen decor so it will give you a warm, rustic vibe that you can try. The blue tile backsplash will give a stylish room decor and will steal the attention of many people. This rattan chair provides a comfortable room decor. Wood cabinets and stone floors from housebeautiful.

Build Fireplace

You can choose to go with a very rustic-looking fireplace if you have one. This is a natural element of the rustic theme and something that will fit right in. Or, you could choose to go with stone countertops or even have a wood-burning stove. Both these items will have the same effect of being both functional and also adding to the natural look.


Building a fireplace from red bricks in this minimalist rustic kitchen design will give a unique look and elevate your body while in this kitchen. You can combine shades of white and wooden floors which will create a spacious and warm room decor. This chandelier above the kitchen island provides dramatic and inviting lighting. Red bricks fireplace from onekindesign.


The built-in fireplace will make the kitchen feel warm and inviting. This beige color scheme and wooden furniture will make your room calmer and create a natural impression. At the bottom of this fireplace you can use to store wood fuel so that your room will avoid clutter. Built-in stone fireplace from onekindesign.

Add Baskets

You can use baskets on the countertop to store ingredients and fruits. The rattan or iron baskets can be your option. Besides being able to strengthen the rustic vibe, the basket can be used to organize your countertop. Baskets can be displayed on end because they take up very little room.


Adding a wicker basket on top of this countertop will spruce up the look of your kitchen. You can keep some greenery in small pots to create some fresh and natural kitchen decor. You can combine it with wooden cabinets for an interesting rustic touch. The basket can be displayed at the end because it takes up very little space. Wicker basket on countertop kitchen from bhg.

Lighting Ideas

For your lighting, you can simply use pedant light with natural lampshades, such as rattan or bamboo. It is suitable to get a natural vibe in your rustic kitchen decor. If you want a vintage vibe, you can even go so far as to have custom-made a metal chandelier with candles.



Choosing this glass pendant lamp will create a dramatic kitchen into your room. You can place this lamp on your dining table so that it will make a stylish room. Decorations like this will get a natural feel in your rustic kitchen decor. Glass pendant lamp from elledecor.


This vintage-style chandelier brings an antique touch to this rustic minimalist kitchen. With this lamp will give a dramatic room that will give the perfect touch. This chandelier above the dining table makes an attractive room. Vintage-style chandelier from elledecor.


This double white chandelier will create a dramatic and inviting decor. In this minimalist rustic kitchen, you can use a white color scheme and wooden walls that will give a deeper rustic impression. You can also add a metal fireplace for a warm impression in this room. Double white chandelier from thespruce.

Even though with a minimalist touch but your rustic kitchen decor will not lose the natural and warm impression. Follow those ideas above and get beautiful kitchen decor.

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