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Bedroom Wall Decoration Ideas to Add Interest and Inspiring Spot

When it comes to bedroom decor ideas, there are many ways that you can do to make it more comfortable and inviting. Also, there are many aspects that should be considered. From the color scheme, bedding set, furniture, interior design theme, decorative items, to the wall decor. If you want your bedroom to be the most welcoming, comfortable, and an inspiring spot in your home, then use these bedroom wall decor ideas to help achieve that goal.

Mirror Above The Bed

A large mirror above your bed can instantly add major appeal and major impact to your bedroom. It makes a dazzling focal point for any bedroom and it accentuates light and can actually open up the room to make it feel bigger and more spacious, regardless of the size or style of the bedroom. This is one easy and inexpensive way to transform your bedroom into something you enjoy in comfort and style.


Wood-framed mirrors reflect natural light and the landscape in this modern farmhouse. Placed on the headboard and combined with white walls will present an interesting room decoration for you to try. It makes a dazzling focal point for any bedroom and lets light out and can really open up a room to make it feel bigger and more spacious. Wood-framed mirrors from countryliving.


Four large and beautiful mirrors in the bedroom plus two smaller mirrors behind the nightstand make for the perfect wall decoration and steal the attention of many. It is beautiful for decorative purposes and will create an optical effect on the entire look of the bedroom. This type of rectangular framed mirror will present an attractive room decoration and steal people’s attention. Four large mirrors from homedesignlover.


A bunch of mirrors as a wall decoration above this headboard will make the perfect focal point of the room and will make the illusion of your room more spacious and airy. This is one of the easy and inexpensive ways to turn your bedroom into something you enjoy in comfort and style. Combined with a pale white color scheme and orange pillows, it will give the impression of a fresh and comfortable room. Bunch mirror wall from shelterness.


Tapestries are also popular bedroom wall decor ideas. Tapestries can feel heavy and ornate, or light and airy, depending on the type of tapestry. Tapestries can have designs of animals, people, or just about anything else with that specific image or design in mind, you can pick a tapestry with similar colors or designs to reflect what you like, thus making it much easier to incorporate in your bedroom.


The tapestry on the walls of this bohemian bedroom provides the perfect decoration and becomes the focal point in this bedroom. Tapestry is also a popular bedroom wall decor idea. This intricate pattern will give a bohemian bedroom pattern. Some green plants in pots will bring the impression of nature and fresh air. Tapestry wall decor from thespruce.


The white bedding makes elephant pillows and rugs the focal point of this room. These two pieces are very detailed and provide texture and color. Applying tapestry to this wall is an amazing wall decor idea. This tapestry features an elephant pattern that will reinforce the boho style. Elephant pattern tapestry from designideasguide.


Placing two beds together at one point forms a hangout corner, which can be converted into a sleeping area for this bohemian bedroom decor. These two hanging rugs give a unique look and will steal the attention of many people. Equipped with string lights and large windows will provide perfect lighting for the room. Two hanging tapestry from designideasguide.

Needlepoint frames

It is a grandma’s favorite. This type of frame has been around for centuries and provides a certain elegance and charm to a room, especially a bedroom. In fact, needlepoint frames are among some of the most sought-after frames in homes today.


In this loft bedroom, sweet embroidery in simple frames becomes a captivating work of art above the bed. Many grandmothers like this kind of decoration. This type of frame has been around for centuries so it will bring a certain elegance and charm to this bedroom. Combined with a wooden bed frame and some wooden furniture, this will create a comfortable and warm room. Needlepoint frames above the bed from countryliving.

Unique Headboard

Another bedroom wall decor that can make your bedroom looks interesting is using a unique headboard. A grand mandala headboard is a perfect choice if you want to add a unique frame to a bedroom that provides a feeling of calm and serenity. It will add textural finishes to your bedroom. The huge shape and artistic carved will be the focal point in your bedroom.


This white carved wood headboard will make the perfect Moroccan bedroom decoration and will catch the attention of many people. This will add a finishing touch of texture to your bedroom. A headboard like this will become the focal point of the room. You can also combine it with a large abstract painting on the headboard, this will create an attractive bedroom. White carved wood headboard from housebeautiful.


Intricately designed, this headboard will give your bed the personality it craves. Using this grand mandala headboard will add texture to this bedroom decor. You can also add some gray pillows to create a cozy and inviting space. Grand mandala headboard from housebeautiful.


Four pieces put together will make this exotic headboard. Available in white this will balance the decor of this bedroom. A grand mandala headboard is a perfect choice if you want to add a unique frame to your bedroom that gives a feeling of calm and serenity. Paired with a gray case set, it provides a cozy and inviting space. Hand-carved reclaimed wood headboard from homebnc.

Gallery Wall

Maximize the impact of your favorite artwork by displaying them on the wall above your bed. All you have to do is just hanging your artwork collections on the wall. You can use different sizes of frames to get an attractive look. It would be an inspiring spot in your bedroom.


Maximizing the wall above the headboard by placing this framed wall gallery makes the perfect focal point of the room. Paired with gold discount lights for dramatic lighting. You can use a variety of frame sizes to get an attractive look. It will be an inspiring place in your bedroom. Wall gallery from apartmenttherapy.


For those with a neat and tidy aesthetic, flaunt your favorite photos in a tight box like this modern bedroom. It won’t feel chaotic, but it will show off your favorite memories. Using this wooden frame will make your room decor more stylish. The beige color scheme will make your room feel warm. Gridded gallery wall from apartmenttherapy.

Install Wallpaper

A simple and fast way to add interest to your bedroom is by installing wallpaper. This wall decor idea is common used since of its ability to change the overall look of a room quickly. For the bedroom wall decor ideas, you can choose the theme according to what achieve. If you want a modern look, the geometric or 3D pattern is good for you. If you want a classic vibe, the floral print can be the smart option. Or if you want to bring a seasonal vibe to your home, you can choose one of the summer, spring, fall, or winter seasons.


A beautiful backdrop using a blue and white geometric patterned wallpaper in this spacious Palm Beach bedroom brings a fresh feel. You can also combine it with some matching colored furniture to create the perfect contrast. This wall decor idea is commonly used because of its ability to quickly change the overall look of a room. Blue and white geometric patterned wallpaper from elledecor.


For bedroom wall decoration ideas, you can choose patterned leaves wallpaper that will create fresh space in this room. With a white background, it will produce a contrasting room and have the illusion of a spacious room. You can also combine it with some ornaments and green plants that will give a fresh impression to this room. Leaf patterned wallpaper from idealhome.


This chic and glamorous style completes the look of this classic bedroom. Using this classically patterned wallpaper is a smart choice. Choosing this muted wallpaper will create a calm room. In this French-style room, it fits perfectly with the vintage furniture. Classically patterned wallpaper from idealhome.

These are some bedroom wall decor ideas. Whether you choose wallpaper, artwork, fabric, or textural finish, applying it to one wall of your bedroom will add interest, inspiring spot, and bring character to your bedroom