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5 Ways to Styles Your Gray Kitchen Cabinet to Look Inviting

Kitchen cabinets are one of the main focal points in any modern kitchen. They serve as both a storehouse for supplies and a work space for cooking and entertaining. Gray kitchen cabinets are a great choice to go with any color scheme. There are also ways to style gray cabinets that are both modern and classic, making them suitable for just about any setting. Here are some tips on how you can style the look of your gray kitchen cabinets.

Combine It with Patterns

You can style your gray kitchen cabinet by bringing patterns on it. It can be done through the patterned backsplash. You can choose the classic or geometric patterned tiles for the backsplash. It can be the focal point to your kitchen and add visual interest.


This kitchen design uses a gray cabinet combined with a Moroccan patterned backsplash to produce a perfect look and will become a focal point for a room that is suitable for you to try. Choosing this French-style kitchen creates an attractive room and steals the attention of many people. This faux fur blanket will provide extra warmth. Moroccan patterned backsplash from homedit.


The combination of the chevron pattern on this backsplash presents an interesting look for you to try. Combined with a white counter, it presents an elegant and attractive appearance. This wooden floor and gold accent chandelier create a warm and dramatic glow. This modern style kitchen will make the perfect room. Chevron backsplash with grey cabinet from homedit.

Blue Touch for A Fresh Look

Do you need a fresh nuance to your kitchen look? You can break the dominate color of grey kitchen cabinet by inserting blue color. It can bring a different look to your kitchen. You can invest the blue touch to the kitchen islands, stoves, furniture, accessories and many others.


A bold contemporary kitchen in light gray cabinets with dark blue walls and shelves looks so edgy and chic. It can bring a different look to your kitchen. Combined with this marble table, it also makes the room look elegant and luxurious. Wooden floors and greenery in wooden pots also bring a natural feel and fresh air into your modern kitchen. Light gray cabinets with dark blue walls from digsdigs.


This dove gray kitchen with a bold blue kitchen island will make any room look fresh and stylish. This white stone countertop and neutral tiled floor create a warm and elegant look. Flowers in this vase give the room a fresh and natural look. These skylights also make the room spacious and look bright. Gray kitchen with navy kitchen island from digsdigs.

Add Wood Touch

Even though the gray is identical to the modern and minimalist styles, you can add natural touch to your kitchen decor by adding wood accent. The open floating shelves, kitchen countertop, and chairs that made from wooden materials are good to complete the gray kitchen cabinet.


The gray kitchen with wooden shelves and butcherblock countertops plus a touch of copper on the chandelier and greenery add a touch of nature and extra warmth to this minimalist-style kitchen. With this dark blue wall, it will give a warm impression to this kitchen. This idea will create a neat and uncluttered room. Gray kitchen with wooden shelves and butcherblock countertops from digsdigs.


This traditional gray kitchen which is equipped with natural accents on the kitchen island table, high chair and built-in cabinet from wood brings a cool touch to the room for you to try and will give a warm impression to the room. This white color scheme and hardwood floors create a bright and warm feel for your feet at night. Wooden countertops and high chair from digsdigs.

Brass Details

You can also style and enhance your gray kitchen cabinet with brass detail. Apply it to the kitchen hardware. It can give an elegant and luxurious look to the cabinet. You can see how the brass and gray can really work and shine together to liven up your cooking space.


This gorgeous gray kitchen with a touch of gold on the cabinet handles offers a chic and elegant look. Complementing the decor with a dark gray kitchen island and marble countertop is a charming modern style for you to try. Skylights and chandeliers highlight this space which will present a bright and spacious room design. Gray kitchen cabinet with a touch of brass from digsdigs.


This stylish gray kitchen with brass utensils on handles and stainless steel makes it the perfect room decor for you to try and create an elegant and chic look. The natural wood on the countertops, wooden floors and ceiling beams brings the perfect room design and has a natural feel to your kitchen. Don’t forget to add a runner rug for extra warmth. Gray kitchen with brass handles from digsdigs.

Farmhouse Styles

You can also style your gray kitchen cabinet with farmhouse touch. Inserting some elements of farmhouse style to your kitchen can be an easy ways. You can use reclaimed wood for the shelves ideas and large farmhouse sink to bring a focal point to your lower cabinet. And also the gray can work well with the wood accents. It can create a vintage and rural vibe.


This chic gray kitchen with a bright blue and white mosaic tile backsplash and bright white countertops brings a farmhouse feel to this room. This farmhouse cabinet style gives an attractive appearance and will steal the attention of many people. This white countertop gives an elegant and chic look. Farmhouse kitchen cabinet from digsdigs.


This light blue farmhouse style kitchen is equipped with gray walls and a unique backsplash plus a wooden table for a warmer and softer look. This white-painted wooden open storage shelf will spruce up the look of a farmhouse kitchen. Showing off a collection of cutlery is a hallmark of the farmhouse design. Light blue farmhouse kitchen style from digsdigs.

Give a different look to your gray ,kitchen cabinet by applying those ideas above. If you can style well your gray kitchen cabinet with other elements, you will get an inviting cooking space.

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