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Top-Tier Vacation Homes: Amenities Every Vacationer Looks For

It’s finally time.

After more than a year of being stuck inside, being limited to the same four walls and slowly working our ways through our streaming service queue, the world is finally starting to reopen. Cultural hotspots and tourist traps that had to close down during the pandemic to avoid becoming viral in all the wrong ways are now open to the public; moreover, with the arrival of the vaccine and a larger number of available tests, these places are starting to ease up ever-so-slightly on their COVID restrictions. 

In addition to enjoying aspects of their lives that they once took for granted, people across the United States are now finding themselves free to plan vacations once more: and with mental health issues abounding as a direct result of an extended quarantine period (not to mention the discovery of an all-new condition called pandemic brain), a vacation might just be overdue for most of us. The tourism industry is just starting to pick up again to meet an incredible, never-before-seen amount of demand: and vacation rental property investors are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the incoming surge of tourists. 

The vacation rental industry took a hit along with the rest of the tourism industry when COVID initially hit; however, vacation rental owners are now uniquely positioned to take advantage of this surge of tourists, offering enclosed, comfortable, COVID-safe alternatives to traditional cheap, dingy, and dirty hotel rooms. Reputable vacation rental sites are thriving with possibility, with thousands of listings available for people who want to vacation safely in a “home away from home.”

The question most vacation rental property owners are asking right now is not “if” people are looking for vacation rentals again; it’s “how” can they distinguish their property amidst stiff competition. 

Whether you’re an experienced vacation rental investor or someone looking to dip their toe into the industry for the first time, this guide aims to give you an idea of amenities that customers prefer in their vacation homes, things that will give you the edge over competitors if you invest in them. 

Let’s get started.

High-Speed Wi-Fi

With almost every facet of our lives becoming integrated with technology at an accelerated rate, one of the most important things you can provide for your customers is high-speed wi-fi. A strong internet connection is a must-have for most consumers, allowing them to plan their trip on the fly, entertain themselves with their favorite streaming services and games, and even conduct business when necessary on the go. 

If you advertise that your property has high-speed wi-fi, you’ll want to make sure it lives up to that claim: remember, reviews tell-all, and a bunch of reviews that say that their internet connection stalled will leave a bad taste in would-be consumers’ mouths. 

Modern Décor and Appliances

While people come to vacation rentals looking for a “home away from home,” some also want to live out their dream of living in a luxury home: as such, stylish room décor and modern, stainless steel appliances are absolutely a necessity for any would-be vacationer. You want your vacation home to look comfortable but also top of the line, a seat of luxury for your would-be vacationers to retire to after hitting everything on their to-do list. 

In addition to providing a reliable level of functionality and comfort, modern-looking décor and appliances can make a phenomenal impact on your consumer when they’re browsing listings, the pictures standing out and imparting an image of luxury onto the shopper. 

Cleaning Supplies and Other Necessities

Much like hotels give their guests bar soap and shampoo, you should be prepared to offer your guests an assortment of supplies to help them live comfortably in your property during their stay. Things like cleaning supplies allow those who are more COVID conscious to clean their property themselves, as well as making for easy cleanup should they decide to cook in the kitchen. 

Leave behind guidebooks to the local area as well, to allow customers easy ways to plan extra activities on their vacation. Even if they don’t use them, they will likely appreciate the gesture and note it on reviews: every extra mile you go makes it more likely someone else will stay at your properties, so don’t be afraid to go above and beyond. 

When adding to your vacation rental property, sometimes the best place to start is by asking what you yourself would want out of your rental. Adding the proper amenities can make it much more likely someone stays at your property and makes sure that those who do come for a visit enjoy their stay. 

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