Unique Apartment Designs Which Appear As A Single Dwelling

There are thousands apartment design that may be copied by us. However, all of them seem similar. It looks like the architect repeats the architecture of a home along with everything inside. If you look further, they are different of course. It can be the materials combination, different style and tone, or stuffs.


From the outside this is looked as a single dwelling. Anyone who sees this building will never notice that this is an apartment. Due to it a two-storey building with modern looks here and there, this one look like a house though actually an apartment.


Here it is the outside appearance of this apartment which looks like a house. It made by using different material that combined well as a great architecture. It uses concrete, metal, and glass that show modern style.


At this apartment, there are two entrances that will lead us to different direction. One to go to the first apartment, while other for the second one. This apartment has unique appeal for both, interior and exterior. 


The interior will about living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. This area is part of living space where we can see the bedroom at glimpse. With concrete floor, it can be paired well with grey sofa, a grey pattern rug and round coffee table. This space also has a bench to put on some accents like green plants, framed picture, and soon.


From another side, we can see there is a kitchen space with wooden cabinet. It has two stools, but you may add dining set as well. The backsplash done with white tile that looks sleek and clean. With high ceiling, this space looks large. Then, we can see the bathroom next to the kitchen too.


This area if for home office nook that located behind the living space. It has a built-in cabinet with floating shelf that functions as desk and a black chair. The black part over it gives elegant touch.


While above the kitchen, there is loft that used for kids sleeping space. Near the kitchen there is a dining set with black appliance that cool and add modern look. On the ceiling, the designer adds exposed black pipe for putting additional lighting.


Here it is another kitchen from the second apartment with a black pendant and dining set. It has a small part for wine rack that is a creative hack. There is a yellow door that will lead us to the master bedroom.


Then, this is the bedroom with white bedding.  It has a big rectangular mirror hang on the wall. Then, a wooden shelf with a potted green plant that looks simple but attractive. Though it is small area but awesome.