This Beach Home Feels Serene But With Playful Elements

A beach home usually seen with rustic touch, but here we go with modern tone. Due to the house is located near the sea; we need a house that gives calm and relaxing feel. Further, it will play role with neutral colors like white, black, and brown. On a minimal budget, we can renovate a house with beachy feeling but contemporary look.


To elevate this simple living room, the owners add gold elements. See a simple gold accent on the corner. Then, a picture with gold crown also gives impact to this area. With white sofa and grey wooden floor, this area looks elegant and chic.


This space with classic tone is filled with reupholstered vintage sofa. Then, there are glass windows the natural light comes easily to bring this room bright and airy. A fireplace completes this space for gaining warmer condition.


See the round table that designed well with ceramic table accents that adds vibrant colors. White tufted armchairs give elegant touch. Furthermore, a single gold pillows on the chair add glamour tone but not too busy.


Stepping to the bedroom, we will see a bed with white duvet and pillows. There is tiny pillow with green touch that adds tropical tone. Over the bed, there are two pictures on the wall to give personal touch. This bedroom is design in symmetrical style with modern look.


The kitchen is designed with white wall and simple glass windows give this space natural shine. Two golden pendants bring glamour touches. White cabinet, black kitchen island with wooden countertop is nice and attractive design.


This is a modern bathroom design with more patterns and textures. The shower room is with modern pattern curtain. Then, the floor with polka dots is entertaining. Black door and hardware are seen elegant too.


 There is a powder room that done with black appliance with storage underneath. Save the towels with wire basket. A round mirror with frame looks glam and elegant. It doesn’t need additional lighting cause already bright with white color and natural light.


Have we discussed about the front area of this house? Here it is. The front porch filled with seating area. Green plants are there to give natural touches along with the stones and bricks. This house is awesome with glass door at front as well.