A Single-Family Dwelling With Rare That Will Blow Our Mind

Modern house will deal with glass materials, geometric shapes, and or sleek lines. Due to modern house has similar design, so we need something unique that will make it different. However, if you want to have a modern design that real you, give personal touches. It can be from the shapes, furniture items, and or home accents. See this home below!


Look at this house with grey, light brown, and white color facade. It has grey concrete wall and wooden wall that combined well with glass windows and glass door. This is a simple house building but stunning.


From outside, we can see a great building with neutral hues. However, there is a red chair and a red mailbox that break up the tone. Those items give little bit cheerful feeling.


The rear of the house is connected directly to the backyard. Look at this space that erases the limit of interior and exterior. When you want to spend your time at backyard, use the wooden blocks for seating. Ask your friends to have warm conversation while seeing beautiful view in afternoon.


As you can see from the picture above that the living are is continued to the backyard. So, your kids may play with their friends. Then, you can watch them from the living space.


Stepping inside, you will see a living area with few furniture items. A grey sofa, a tiny round coffee table, and a staircase that can be used for informal seating as well. The glass door lets natural light comes into this space for brighter look.


Since this house only have few rooms, this space can be used for reading nook as well. Kiat bring your book, air on the staircase and enjoy the view outside. There are trees, green grass, and flowers too. Actually, this is a relaxing spot that will boost our mood.


Now, let us see the dining room which has connection to the patio. It has rectangular wooden table with different colored plastic chair. The table is next to the dark grey kitchen island. Glass windows aplication gain this room to look airy and bright.


Then, here it is how the kitchen look like. It is done with wooden cabinet, dark countertop, and grey concrete flooring. Overall, this is a lovely house that will blow our mind, isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Note this home design as one of your dreams.