A Small Modern Residence With Everything The Family Needs

Even in a small lot with a small house, it is called as a home as well, isn’t it? So, why don’t you utilize your small lot to build your dreamy home with everything your family needs? Build a small house with living room, dining room, cooking space, and sleeping areas in a small lot is possible to do. Like this small modern residence below.


A small home that enhances connection to the view surroundings will be a nice place to rest. This house can be called as backcountry hut but has everything you need. The material used for this house mostly from wood.


Due to this house located in a hill with mostly has cold weather, the use of locally wooden material cause passive heating. So, you will not feel cold. It applies glass doors and walls as well to let the natural light come inside.


Enjoy the beauty outside or feel warm inside at this living space with different experience. This room with open concept allows us to have connection with outdoor view. However, you are still inside of the building.


Look at this sophisticated area with a board-formed concrete fireplace. You can take a bath at these cool sunken bathtubs. Gain spa-like feels by taking a bath at this deck. This is pretty awesome ideas, right?


The space with TV console, white wooden shelves, and rectangular table with plenty storage are great for children. Let them play here or do anything they want. It is completed well with various hues that attractive for kids.


This area is located behind the living room. There is a cool dining room with rectangular wooden table and modern kitchen. White cabinet and white kitchen island with yellow plastic chairs are simple but stylish.


What about the bedroom? Surprisingly, the bedroom is located at mezzanine. There are four skylights to make this sleeping space bright and airy. A floating desk on this room can be used for home office as well. The bed is hung for flying experience. Then, the glass windows let you see the scenery around.


Use natural color palette, this rustic comes with rustic style but comfy. Look at the sunk with rectangular mirror and skylights for a bright bathroom look. White bathtub completes this decoration to appear clean and tidy.