Interior Design

A House With Circular Glass Flooring Which Brings Light And Transparency

When commonly glass used for window or door, it is amazing that someone uses for flooring. Glass is transparent. Though it is only applied in small portion, but gives high impact to a home decoration. The glass floor will give transparency to the lower level. Further, glass is heat resistance, and breakage resistance, even chemical resistance too.


Coming into the living room, we will see a space with circular glass flooring that combined with concrete wall. A hung drum pendant lamp adds personal touch to this area. Then, the seating with modern fireplace finish this room beautifully.


The unique feature form this home is that the architect try to apply pavement lights for entire flooring. Then, those work well with the circular glass.


Look at this area closer. Circular floor let us see the condition of the room at lower level. The use of transparent glass actually gives you a risk but it will safe for adult. Just be careful.


We can call this space as the second living room or family room with circular glass on the ceiling. The natural shine comes easily to this space form the use of glass upper it and glass door. So, we can see outside view clearly as well.


As glass becomes the floor for upper level, it functions as the ceiling for the lower level. Like this kitchen with glass ceiling that looks perfectly unique. It appears brighter with additional lighting from hanging pendant lamp over the kitchen island and the bulb.


Though this dining room is not that spacious, but it has glass ceiling and neutral color application. So, this area looks bright and airy.


With plenty natural light and additional lighting fixtures, this kitchen and dining room can be seen clearly from outside as well. Furthermore, it uses white countertop and backsplash. Then, white ceramic tiles on the kitchen island paired well with neutral colored tone.


This is how this house seen from outside. With glass door, the interior will have connection with outdoor. Overall, we have seen a nice home design with unique feature. Isn’t this home really charming?