An Alluring Contemporary House With A Black Facade

Having a dreamy house that stylish and comfy is not that hard. As long as we have enough budgets and some people that able to work, the dreamy house is possible to build. Furthermore, consider the materials that will be used as well. Then, think about the location as well, whether it is proper to be used for building a house or not.


Look at the picture above. It is a mid-block contemporary home with simple geometric design. The architect decides to apply black color but should be with glass windows here and there to gain plenty of natural light.


This house is built for a family with four members. The glass window shows us the glimpses of this house interior design that look bright. It has stairs to go up to the porch. Black exterior looks dark but elegant too.


In contrast to the exterior with black hue, the interior filled with vibrant color. Light brown and blue color looked as nice combination. Then, black leather seating set and round table for elegant room appearance.


This area has dining set with rectangular wooden table with dark chairs. It has yellow chair that matched well with other yellow accents on the framed picture and decorative elements on the floating wooden shelf.


The kitchen is with large window that let the natural shine comes easily. It has wooden cabinet with white countertop that without hardware. The kitchen island also consists of wooden cabinet and white tile. The stools can be used for breakfast nook too.


From this cooking space we can see outdoor from glass window and glass door. Three bulbs over the kitchen island are used for additional lighting. This space looks warm with wooden materials used for flooring.


Upper floor is for bedroom. By using wooden staircase, we will see this area with oak flooring. White walls make this space appears large, bright, and airy. And the skylight gives better lighting without look too much.


The bedroom is done in minimalist look. The wooden platform bed and headboard is awesome. Even, it has floating desk to put on your cell phone, notebook, and stuffs. Glass window let us see the view of street outside.