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Liven Up Your Home Decoration with Stunning Wall Decor Ideas

When it comes to home decoration, there are many aspects that must be considered. From the style of home decor, furniture, decorative items, and also wall decoration to enhance the interior design of the home. Talking about the wall decoration, sometimes, it becomes an aspect or thing that is often overlooked when decorating a house. Even though if you surely pay attention to this aspect, its definitely will make your home decoration more complete and beautiful. If you still wondering how to start to decorate your wall, these are some ideas for wall decor to liven up your home decor without break your bank.

Freshen Up with Wallpapers

Who doesn’t know wallpaper? This item has various patterns and very easy to find in store. It is also the simple and easiest way that you can try to decorate your wall. Just determine what kind of wallpaper pattern that will you use according to your home decor then install them on your wall. For a fresh look, the colorful flower pattern can be your option. If you like the unique one, a polka dot pattern is a good idea. But if your home is in modern minimalist style, go for a striped pattern to get a simple look. Whatever your wallpaper choices, trust me it will freshen up your home decor.


Green is a color that can bring a fresh atmosphere to your small living room decor. One idea to make your living room look more beautiful is to use large striped wallpaper. Use furniture with color tones that match the wallpaper you are using. Striped wallpaper with a combination of green and white color from veranda.


Cover your plain walls with wallpaper to welcome your guests in the dining room. Choose a forest wallpaper that looks natural and lush. Complete with a velvet sofa and a unique shaped glass dining table as a comfortable and soft sitting area. Forest wallpapers from veranda.

Create a Gallery Wall

If you are the person who collects some wall art, why you don’t expose your collection and use it as a wall decor idea in your home. All you have to do just arrange and install them on the wall and create a gallery wall. You can create it in the entryway, living room, dining room, or another room that you want.


To fill in empty wall decor, you can use photo frames, abstract paintings, and monogram ornaments. Some of these wall decorations can come together perfectly. You can match them randomly as long as they look good. White photo frames neutralize the wall decor instantly. Combination of photo frame, abstract painting, and monogram ornament from homebnc.


The modern farmhouse living room decoration will attract more attention when decorated with square photo frames. You can install more than one, no need to use a striking color. Black and white on this frame is the right choice to create a minimalist and monochromatic style. You can attach these frames in a parallel way to make them look tidier and more organized. Square frame photos from homebnc.

Looks Elegant with Mirror

Have you ever thought that a mirror can make your home looks elegant? Besides, it is functional to dress up and illuminate a small space to become larger, actually, the mirror can be used for wall decoration and fill the empty space in your wall. The mirror comes in various sizes, shapes, and designs. From modern to vintage. It also can be adjusted according to your home decor. Just pick that you think is unique and suits your home decor theme. Install them in the entryway, living room, or dining room and see how it can make your home become more elegant.


Classic carved mirror frames with different shapes and sizes give a beautiful artistic impression to your living room wall decor. Besides that, the classic impression will never be out of date, so it is a favorite and right choice. You can hang this mirror on the part of the wall that is still empty. Classic carved mirror frames for living room wall decor from homebnc.


Play your plain wall with round mirror accents in a variety of different sizes. In addition, this mirror wall decoration also provides advantages to the room for a wider and more open appearance. The light reflection on this mirror provides lighting that brightens the room perfectly. Wall decoration with round mirror from homebnc.


Give a Focal Point with a Large Painting

Every people have known that painting is an aesthetic wall decoration. And use it as a focal point for your home decor is a good idea. For this wall decoration idea, go for a large-scale painting. The large and oversized painting will command attention and set the tone of the space. Install the large painting on one side of your wall and it would be the focal point in your room.


You can add some large artistic paintings to the dining room to fill the empty side of the wall. That way the painting becomes the center of attention because it has its own artistic value. Besides that, decorating a room with paintings is a simple and easy way. Large artistic paintings on the wall decorations that are still empty from elledecor.


The living room is a core part of your guests when visiting the house. Therefore, you should not miss decorating the walls so that they don’t look empty and boring. Pair some black and white face paintings of various sizes to make them look more artsy and artistic. Green plants make a never-failing addition. Black and white face painting with various sizes from elledecor.

Hang Antique Plates

Instead of hiding your antique plates inside your china cabinet, why you don’t try to get them out and use them for wall decoration ideas. It is simple to do. Take your antique plates then hang them on the walls. Use wire plate hangers to display your favorite dishes and serving platters. It will make your home decor looks unique and aesthetic at the same time.


If you are a collector of beautiful and unique dishes, there is nothing wrong if you show them off in a unique way too. Hang a collection of beautiful plates with several different motifs and colors on one of the walls of the room. That way you can show off your collection as well as decorate the walls of the room to be more beautiful. Collection of beautiful plates with several different motifs and colors from elledecor.


The dining room is the center for family gatherings at meals. The wall decoration will be more harmonious if you use several unique plates that are hung on one side of the room. Arrange it neatly so as not to make people who see it become bored. You can combine these unique plates with some artistic paintings that you also hang on the wall. Combines unique plates with artistic paintings from elledecor.

What do you think about wall decoration? Easy right? Why you don’t start now with those ideas above and make your home decor more liven up? Have a nice to try.

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