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Get a Homey Feel with These 5 Minimalist Home Decor Tips

Minimalist home decor is a topic about which many people have very strong opinions. Some feel it’s the most boring style in the world, while others absolutely love it! But who is right? The simple fact of the matter is that this style is a personal choice. However, there are some basic points that you should definitely keep in mind when trying to determine if this style is for you.

Focus on Function

When it comes to the minimalist home design the first tip that should be considered is to focus on function. Whether your home over often of guests that force you to have plenty of seating or you want to merge between the living room and your kitchen. The first thing is you should have a good plan to divide each room in your home. No matter the layout that you choose, the key in a minimalist home design is keeping your space open and airy.


You can create open home decor with a living room kitchen combo, in this decoration you only need to use furniture that is often used to provide more empty areas so you can move freely. The right furniture layout will provide a comfortable room atmosphere to use all day long without feeling cramped and cramped. The right furniture layout from home-designing.


The white nuance is very suitable to be used in any room, including in the kitchen and living room decorations because it has a neutral color that matches the interior around it with whatever color you want. The white color makes this room look clean and spacious. Adding greenery and the patterned carpet provide additional color that blends in perfectly. White nuances kitchen living room that blends from home-designing.

Create Clean Lines

Minimalist home decor is all about how to create a clean line and has appealing visually. To make it happen, the furniture with straight edges, not used arched shapes, and geometric pattern are some of the ways to decorate in a minimalist style. It aims to make the home looks clean, neat, and symmetric.


This colorful carpet has geometric motifs that never go out of style when applied to the minimalist living room decoration. You can use chairs with matching colors as a color scheme that blends in perfectly. Wall decorations such as a horse and reindeer head painting make for a sweet finishing touch. Colorful geometric carpet from digsdigs.


You can easily incorporate geometric patterns in the living room, for example, applying them to the pillowcase. Next, throw this pillow over the gray L-shaped sofa. This combination of motifs and sofa will work well and is certainly not boring. Covering the wood floor with this faux fur carpet provides soft, soft, and warm footwear. Geometric pattern pillowcase from digsdigs.

Go For Neutral Color

Minimalist design is identical to the neutral color for the room color scheme. Sometimes this style tends to the monochromatic color. In this case, you can go with the white, blush, beige, tan, and earth tone colors to keep your home bright, warm, clean, and uncluttered.


Combine several neutral colors such as white, gray, and cream in one room in the minimalist living room decoration. This Sectional sofa with an L shape can also be used as a comfortable and warm lying area, neutralize the color of this sofa with paint and a white coffee table. Wooden floors are a natural material that you can apply simultaneously. This large painting is an artistic decoration. The combination of white, gray, and beige in one room from home-designing.


Maximize the appearance of your home decor with some neutral colors that are not easily boring when used for a long time. Avoid using furniture so that you get more free movement space. You can include wood accents on the floor and some other furniture as a neutral color that is easy to mix with any interior that surrounds it. Natural wood accent colors from home-designing.

Pick the Simple Furniture but Have More Benefits

In decorating the minimalist home design, picking simple furniture is very important. It means you have to choose the furniture that has a simple design but offers a lot of benefits and surely saves space. Such as buy a nesting table that can be easily stored when they’re not in use and not take up to much of your space. Or you can use a simple bed frame that has storage underneath.


There is no need to use cabinets in living room decorations because too much furniture will only make the room feel cramped and cramped. You can choose and buy smart, multifunctional furniture such as a coffee table that is equipped with several drawers for storage. Polishing and repainting this table are ideas that you should do to display more shiny and modern furniture. Multifunctional coffee table with pull-out drawers from digsdigs.


Using a modern bed is highly recommended for minimalist bedroom decoration. This bed has a storage area underneath which you can use to store several blankets and pillowcases safely and neatly. You can pull it outwards when you are going to save. Besides that, you can also rest in this bed comfortably and warmly because it is equipped with several layers of fabric. Minimalist bed with storage under it from digsdigs.

Maximize the Natural Light

Let the natural light comes to your home. By maximizing the natural light through your window, your home will be more bright, airy, and clean. Not to mention, the large window will be a focal point of the room, especially if you have a beautiful view. Then installing the large window is very important. To treat the window, don’t install a thick curtain. The white sheer curtain is a good idea.


If you use two layers of curtains, then just open the first layer of curtains during the day to help to light the living room decor in the room. With this sunlight, you don’t need light during the day. The idea of using this window saves a lot of money when paying for electricity at the end of the month. The interior that is used sufficiently creates a minimalist style. Windows with double blinds from decoist.


High windows will bring in more sunlight, making the living room decor brighter and more open. Sheer curtains are a suitable combination and you can try them, choose white colors with light materials so that they are easier to wash when it starts to get dirty. The white walls and ceiling have an elegant color scheme and are suitable for a minimalist modern style. High windows with sheer curtains from decoist.

Those are some tips to decorate a minimalist home design and create a homey feel into your home. Apply those ideas and see how it can bring a cozy nuance.