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Modern Outdoor Furniture Ideas to Furnish Your Backyard

Decorating your backyard is a lot of fun, but if you want to create a beautiful outdoor living space that will last through the summer and beyond, you’re going to need some modern outdoor furniture ideas for backyard design. The type of furniture you decide on will be partially determined by the size of your yard. You may not have a large yard, but if you have a small one, you’ll probably want something more durable than an inexpensive plastic chair. There are plenty of different types of outdoor furniture available. Here are some modern outdoor furniture ideas to furnish your backyard.


One of the most popular designs for outdoor furniture is a swing. These come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in any outdoor area, from porches to decks and patios to gardens. A wicker swing is an excellent choice because it’s made out of natural materials and doesn’t deteriorate like plastic or other materials often do. With modern outdoor furniture ideas for backyard design, it’s easy to add a wicker swing or two to your existing landscape.


If you want to relax in a relaxed and comfortable backyard decoration, then you can try applying a rattan swing as a furniture idea that is quite easy to install on the ceiling by hanging it using a sturdy and strong rope. Don’t forget to cover the seating area with pillows and blankets to make it softer when in use. Rattan swing from decoist.


If you have a backyard decoration with limited space, then you can choose a hanging swing that is wide enough to be used by two people. Choose a swing with a sturdier material such as woven rattan which is repainted in brown to make it look cleaner and shiny. Several pillows with different patterns and colors are additional accents that warm your body when the weather starts to feel cold. Repaint swing from decoist.


This privacy backyard surrounded by pallet walls is a comfortable and suitable area for gathering with your friends or family who come, in this backyard, you will get a more different and certainly fresher atmosphere. A black matte rattan swing is one of the pieces of furniture that you must have as the most comfortable sitting area to use, tufted pillows cover the surface of the rattan with a soft, warm and soft. Black matte rattan swing from decoist.

Folding Lawn Chair

A simple and practical outdoor furniture piece is the folding lawn chair. This outdoor furniture idea for backyard decor is so easy to use. It takes up minimal space and is simple to store when not in use. Most lawn chairs fold flat on top of a cushion, so you won’t have to worry about storing the chairs away when they’re not in use.


This folding garden chair made of woven yarn is one of the outdoor furniture that has a different view and is certainly not boring. The woven thread of this chair can be folded when finished in use so that it is more suitable for those of you who have a backyard with a limited area, pair it with a small table with a sweet round shape as a minimalist and perfect combination. DIY macrame folding lawn chair from hgtv.


Combine several colors of pastel yarn to make a DIY folding garden chair that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Match the color of the side table with this chair for a more elegant and modern look of course. Place this outdoor furniture on a stretch of grass or rather under a tree to keep it cool and not exposed to excessive sunlight during the day. DIY pastel yarn wicker chair from diynetwork.


Before placing folding lawn chairs in your backyard, you should be able to use plain cloth as a layer of feet that remains comfortable when stepped on. This layer of the fabric also gives an elegant impression that is not excessive, the legs of the chair made of iron will be more sturdy and not easily porous when used for a long time. Choose several colors of yarn for the main material of this outdoor folding chair to make it look more colorful and alive. Woven folding lawn chairs with plain fabric lining from hallmarkchannel.


Lay your body relaxed on a folding lawn chair which is lined with black and white striped fabric. This chair is a comfortable sitting area to use throughout the day to enjoy the beautiful outdoor view. Rattan wicker table is the perfect combination that you can use together. Triangles of colorful rugs and floor cushions add a cheerful addition of pattern and color to any backyard décor. Striped folding lawn chair with rattan wicker table from goodhousekeeping.

Handwoven All-Weathered Chair

Completing your backyard with all-weathered furniture is very important. Since the furniture is to be placed outdoor, so you need to choose the material that weather resistant. In this case, the handwoven chair in wicker materials can be your option. You can choose wood or iron for the material of chair legs. The most important feature of this chair fits outdoor and indoor. It can bring a natural and aesthetic look to your backyard.


This white rattan wicker chair and the table is equipped with legs made of teak wood so that it will be more durable and sturdy when used for a long period of time. To keep your chairs and sofas soft and comfortable, you can cover them with white pillows wrapped in soft linen. Blankets are an additional accent that you can use when the weather starts to feel cold. White rattan wicker chairs and tables from architecturaldigest.


The combination of wicker rattan with iron legs on this all-weathered chair is the perfect match for backyard outdoor furniture that you can use this time of year in comfort. Rattan material has a smoother surface when re-polished so it is highly recommended for you. The greenery behind this chair is a sight as well as a refreshing accent that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Combination of wicker rattan with iron legs on an all-weathered chair from architecturaldigest.


To save more floor space in your backyard decor, you can use a woven folding chair with sturdy and strong teak legs. The woven accents on the backrest can relax your body comfortably while in the backyard. Fold this chair when it’s finished in use, then move it to another area to get a larger floor area. Folding wicker chair with teak legs from architecturaldigest.


This woven iron chair with a solid black color becomes a more sturdy furniture idea when used for the outside area, precisely in the backyard. You can combine it with a rug that is not too big underneath as a warm and soft footing, this chair can also be used for a sunbathing area when you are done swimming. Woven iron chair with rug leg lining from architecturaldigest.

Stylish Wooden Sofa and Cushion

With a wooden frame for the sofa, this becomes a stylish seating area in your backyard. The wood frame of the sofa will create a natural, rustic, and sturdy look. Completing with a comfortable cushion, this outdoor furniture making it the ultimate outdoor lounging spot.


This L-shaped wooden sofa becomes a comfortable sitting area when covered with linen sofa cushions. The wood material is more suitable for outdoor furniture because it has a harder texture that is stronger with all changes in the weather outside. The permanent fireplace in front of it becomes a heating accent that you can use when needed. L shape wooden sofa from shelterness.


Reuse your old pallet to make a DIY sofa for cheap and very on a budget backyard furniture ideas. This pallet sofa has a simple natural impression, you can layer it with some throw pillows in plain and dark colors to make it easier to mix with the permanent concrete table in front of it. String light and candle lantern are warm lightings that you can use together. DIY pallet sofa for outdoor furniture backyard from shelterness.


To enjoy the backyard view freely, then applying outdoor furniture is an important idea that you can try right now. You can use a reclaimed wood pallet as the main material of this sofa, the white color sofa gives a natural and contemporary impression without being excessive. The square table is the perfect combination that you can use to put a drink or a book you’ve finished reading. Reclaimed wood pallet outdoor sofa from shelterness.


The reclaimed wood sofa is one of the pieces of furniture that you can use to enhance your backyard decoration cheaply and easily. No need to repaint for a more vintage look. Gray pillows are the perfect combination that you can use together. This sofa has a wider size so that it can be used by several people comfortably. Reclaimed wood sofa from shelterness.

When choosing your patio furniture, it is important to think about durability. This type of furniture should be able to withstand rain, wind, extreme temperatures, and even sunlight. Also, consider comfort. Make sure the chairs and tables are not hard or uncomfortable to sit on. Avoid aluminum patio furniture, as this can become hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.