20 ways to decorate bedroom with string lights2
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20 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom with String Lights

Bedroom is the important place of every home. Everybody needs a comfortable and inviting bedroom design. There are many aspects to make your bedroom more inviting. One of them you can enhance it through the lighting ideas. For an attractive bedroom lighting ideas, you can use string lights. String lights are a popular light for home decor. And now, you can use this lighting fixture to make your bedroom looks sophisticated.

There are some brilliant ways to decorate your bedroom with string lights. Such as hanging them from the ceiling, canopy with string lights, apply it over headboard or walls, using them to illuminate favorite pictures, and many others. Furthermore information, here are some brilliant ways to decorate your bedroom with string lights.

20 ways to decorate bedroom with string lights1


The white box that is used as the headboard design will look more amazing when you fill the inside with string light that has a warm yellow splash. This headboard idea looks more modern with a classic romantic feel. Besides being able to be used as a magical bedroom decoration, string light accents can also be used as cheap lighting ideas and easy to do. Headboard box filled with string light from homebnc.


This white wall display will double as a lighting feature as well as for headboard ideas that you can design with a triangular shape that looks sweet, usually this string light is used in a teenage bedroom decoration which is quite popular this year. Turn on this headboard string light at night for a more dramatic impression of the room because it has dim lighting. You can get this string light online for a cheap price. Triangle string light headboard from homebnc.


The white curtains that hang on both sides of the bed can be used as bedroom decorations for a focal point idea that you can complete with yellow string light which provides simple lighting with a beautiful appearance. These string lights make the atmosphere of the room feel warmer and romantic, so it is suitable for all changes in the temperature of your bedroom. Furthermore, the small faux fur rug becomes an additional warmer that you can use simultaneously. White curtain with string light decoration from homebnc.

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Is your bed design not equipped with a headboard accent? If so, then you can try using an arch string light headboard which will give the illusion of a more romantic room for you and your partner. When you don’t use other lights in this bedroom, then you can choose a string light with white lighting so that it can brighten up the room more optimally when the atmosphere in the room starts to get dark. Arch string light headboard from homebnc.


The white string light that hangs on the plain bedroom wall area provides a soft light and is perfect for decorating a small modern bedroom. You can apply other decorations such as strings of stars and moons as a sweet finishing touch. Next up faux fur bedding becomes a resting area that can provide maximum comfort during the day or night. White string light dangling on the wall from deavita.


The ball string light applied at the bedside has a warm color that you can combine with a candle lantern in the windowsill area of this bedroom. Apply ball string light on a wooden tray so it doesn’t splatter everywhere. These two lightings will work well together to increase the temperature of a warmer and more comfortable room of course. You can use these two lightings for a winter themed bedroom decoration. Ball string light from deavita.


When you have a modern industrial-style bedroom decoration, then you should use a bulb string light as a room lighting idea. You can start by applying it to the empty brick wall. Use this light only at night to save more on your electricity costs, during the day you can take advantage of the sunlight that enters through the glass window that has a large enough size. Bulb string light from deavita.


So that your string light has two decoration functions in a bedroom, then you can decorate it with some color photos that you can apply to the string light at a distance that is not too far away. You can hang this string light right on the headboard to fill the void on the wall so it doesn’t look plain and boring. Turn on these lights at night for a more dramatic and romantic feel to the room. Combination of string light with color photo from deavita.


This sheer canopy framed with yellow string light is a smart idea to decorate a teenage girl’s bedroom with a more magical and different look. To incorporate a modern style into this bedroom decor, you can coat the floor with a geometric rug dominated by white and black to make it easier to combine with other interiors around it. Get string light accents at the nearest store or you can buy them online. Sheer canopy framed with string light from deavita.

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Choose and use a yellow string light to install in a teenager’s bedroom decoration. You can apply it to the ceiling. This light will work to focus some of the photos pasted onto the red brick wall at night. You can try it easily without having to spend a lot of money. Indoor plants are additional decorations that you can get in your backyard garden. String light that focuses on memorable photos from decoist.


If you have a minimal budget to decorate your bedroom, then string light is the best choice that you can try as a decoration as well as lighting a room that is bright enough to accompany your night while in this room. Try applying this string light to your empty wall with a love shape that looks unique and beautiful. This idea is very easy to do without the need for professionals. Love shaped string light from decoist.


To complete your bohemian bedroom decoration this year, you can use a string light that can be applied to the canopy bed. Use this string light at night to give a little light in the room without being completely dark. This string light accent is one of the hallmarks of the bohemian decor which is quite easy to copy along with the greenery that surrounds it. Boho canopy string light from decoist.


Focus on using this string light to one of the interiors of your bedroom, now you can try it on the wooden canopy by hanging it right above your bed. This string light can be used as an inexpensive additional lighting and will certainly accompany you when reading a book at night. Furthermore, the hanging mirror in the headboard area serves to reflect light throughout the room evenly. String light as additional lighting from digsdigs.


Don’t let the string light in this bohemian bedroom be less festive, you can add a tassel accent that is turned into a garland and hung right above your bed. Usually both are applied to the bedroom of teenage girls which are quite popular this year. To add lighting that is warm enough, you can add some candles that can be placed on your bedside table. Combination of string light with tassel from digsdigs.


To perfect the bohemian bedroom decoration, you can use string light lighting that is hung in the ceiling area evenly. Choose and use a string light with white color to provide maximum room lighting, hang this lamp right above your bed. Green plants become room decorations that emphasize your boho decor. Ceiling string light from digsdigs.


DREAM string light that hangs on the wall of this bedroom allows you to express your hopes and dreams this year. In addition, another function of this string light is to offer a soft light that is perfect for sleeping without total darkness. DREAM string light can also replace your headboard area. Try it easily right now. DREAM string light from digsdigs.


Do you want to decorate a winter themed bedroom this year? If so, you can use bedding as a layer of your mattress, while to add a warm feel to this room you can also use a string light that is applied to the walls and to the bedding as an accent of flickering lighting that will help warm the room instantly. Candlesticks are additional lighting that can be placed on a tray to make it more secure. String light in the wall and bedding area from digsdigs.


The string light, which is enhanced by the presence of this polaroid photo, becomes a wall decoration that can be used as a memory with your friends or family. You can print the photos in the same size and not too big. In addition to the wall area, you can also add this lamp to a safe floor area so you don’t step on it. Choose a string light with yellow lighting for the impression of a warmer room. Polaroid string light photo from digsdigs.


Choose and use a white string light to try in your bedroom decoration section, this mini light has a long enough circuit so that it can be applied to the winter ornament section as well as to your bedding which is covered with a thick knitted blanket. This string light is also able to illuminate some wall hangings at night so that they are still clearly visible when the room starts to feel dark. Long string light from digsdigs.


Not only choosing a string light with white or yellow lighting, now you can use it with blue lighting for a bedroom decoration that is more dramatic and different from the others. The more string lights that are used, the brighter your room will be and without the need for other lighting such as pendant lights or chandeliers. Apply this string light to the walls, ceiling and bedroom poles. Blue string light decoration from digsdigs.

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